Baroness’ New Album, ‘Yellow and Green

One of my favorite bands that has recently emerged is the Savannah, GA sludge-metal band, Baroness. As a band Baroness have been performing since 2003, and have released two full length albums. Today (July 17th) they will be releasing their third record entitled Yellow and Green, which is a great piece of work that mixes many different influences into a double album consisting of 18 solid tracks. Since this is such an expansive piece of work, what I’m going to mostly focus on are my favorite tracks, and highlight why I enjoy them.

The second track on the first album of the double LP is by far my favorite. It is entitled “Take my Bones Away,” and was the first track that I heard off the record. I enjoy it mostly because of its fluid nature during the riff, verses, and chorus. The track just runs smoothly, while still having that sludge driven sound. The next track I’d keep my ears pealed for is “Little Things” which in my opinion is driven by the bass line. At first the track reminded me of Black Sabbath mixed with U2, and upon further examination the track is masterfully layered much like a U2 track. “Twinkler” is the fifth song on disc one, and in my opinion shows how tremendously versatile this band is. It was truly like listening to a lullaby. “Back Where I Belong” is another one of my favorite tracks on the record, to me it is because of the odd rhythm, and the very out there lyrics and melody. What I did find disappointing was that they never made the track truly climax. I think they could have done more with it.

The second disc of this double album starts out with the track, “Green Theme.” This song is a very impressive of instrumental work that is both ambient and rocking. It totally mixes the two sides of what Baroness does best, which is show that light and shade dynamic. The next track I really sunk my teeth into was “Mtns. (The Crown &Anchor)”   which is an awesome track that is a straight out blues-rock jam, something I was not expecting off the album. “Stretchmarker” is another great track that I really did not expect to find on the album. Compositionally it’s very Folk like in the way the chords work. This whole folk feel is then reinforced when the acoustic guitar comes on and finishes the track.

This is a great album by a great band. If you’re a music fan I think it would be wise to pick up this very diverse album and take a listen to its very dynamic and well thought out presentation.

-B. Harlow


Check Out “Take My Bones Away” Below:

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