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Hatebreed’s New Album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’

Hatebreed have been spreading their instantly recognizable brand of metalcore around the world since 1994. The band has had a long career with many line-up changes, but what never changed is the brutal auditory assault lead by the hardest working man in metal, Jamey Jasta. Jasta and crew are back and have provided the listener with a new album consisting of 12 new tracks.

The Divinity of Purpose is the sixth studio album from Hatebreed, and let’s just say that its one of the best pieces of works that has been released in the metalcore genre in a longtime. The first track is called “Put it To the Torch,” and this song definitely shows the thrash influences that make this band so unique in the metalcore genre. The next track on the album is “Honor Never Dies,” and I enjoyed the lyrics on this one as I found them to be very meaningful especially when Jasta says “When your heart is questioned/When your beliefs are tested/Sometimes standing for what you believe/ Means standing alone.”

The next I took a liking to was the fourth track, “The Language” which is another song that really displays the band’s thrash influence, but when you hear Jasta’s vocal you instantly know, it’s Hatebreed. This track was followed by the fifth track on the album, “Before The Fight Ends You.” I particularly enjoyed this song especially for the syncopated Crowbar like riff.

The title track, “The Divinity of Purpose” was the next track that really got me going. I particularly like the bass solo at the front of the song and how it gradually built till the 34 second mark when the whole band launched in.

The Divinity of Purpose is a great record. The band sounds great and they’re righting songs that are 100% Hatebreed.

-B. Harlow



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Rock And Roll is Back: Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown’s new album, ‘Wild Child’

A common opinion of many music fans is that good old-fashioned rock and roll has gone extinct. To all of these people I would like to say this is not the case especially when it comes to Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown. This band is 100% real rock and roll. Their new album, Wild Child is a testament of real rock and roll’s longevity, and hopefully will kick radio rock bands like Nickelback off the airwaves.

But let’s get down to business and talk about the great record the band has put together. Wild Child starts out with the track “Fools Gold” this track is a great way to start off the album especially with the excellent slide guitar work found throughout the track. The next track is called “Lip Stick Wonderwoman” which is a really bluesy track that moves with a great strut. “Cold Heart” is up next, and this track is a track that’s driven by a tight groove that is held together by the rhythm section of Noah Denny on bass and Caleb Crosby’s drums.  “Say a Prayer” is the single from the album and this is a true piece of rock, and everything a rock single should be. It has a solid groove, is incredible catchy, and has an easy to remember chorus.

The fourth track on the album is called “Downtown Tonight,” and this track has some sweet slide playing with a very tight groove. The next track that caught my attention was the seventh track ”Last one Leaving” which has a very cool vibe and a very sing-able chorus, and gives a vibe that is reminiscent of The Black Keys. “Still Young (Hey Kids)” was up next and this song reminded me a lot of Cheap Trick, but I can’t put my finger on why it reminds me of that particular band.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are on pace to be a headlining act. Their album is fantastic especially the bluesy guitar playing of both Bryant and Graham Whitford. Be sure to check these rockers out.

B. Harlow




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Vanna, “Year Of The Rat”

On Friday I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up and heard that Vanna was streaming a new song. I immediately hopped online and listened to the song, and I was pleasantly shocked and blown away by the song, and really restored faith in me that Vanna was here to stay after the departure of Evan Pharmakis and Chris Campbell.  “Year of The Rat“ is the first to be released off of Vanna’s upcoming album, The Few And The Far Between which will be released March 19th  via Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie. The Few And The Far Between will be the follow-up to 2011’s,  And They Came Baring Bones and was recorded with producer Jay Maas in Boston last year.

“Year of The Rat“ is a great track that starts out with a drone intro, but then the band kicks in, and it sounds like the band is in full gear. The chorus comes in next, and this is the only notable difference between the new material and old material as it features the clean vocals of Joel Pastuszak.  Pastuszak’s voice meshes perfectly with the band’s sound, and left me thinking that he was the perfect replacement for Pharmakis.

“Year of The Rat“ is a great track. I will definitely be looking forward to more material from Vanna and will be a first day buyer when  The Few And The Far Between is released.

-B. Harlow

Check Out The Stream HERE


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Happy Birthday To Us: Turns One!

Today Musically Diversified will celebrate its first birthday! It’s been a great year, and I’d like to thank all our readers and subscribers.  -Brad


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Paramore’s New Track, “Now”

Paramore have been a part of the public consciousness since the release of their sophomore album, Riot! Paramore formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004, and currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York. The band has been without founding members Josh Farro and Zac Farro since they left the band in 2010. The brothers were later replaced by touring members Josh Freese who plays drums, rhythm guitarist Jon Howard, and guitarist Justin York.

The band released a new single entitled, “Now” which is the first song to be released off the band’s fourth studio album which will be released April 9, 2013 through Fueled by Ramen. The song starts off with guitar, drums, and an odd vocal by Williams. This verse eventually goes into a cool pre-chorus which is very interestingly arranged and driven by a grinding bass part. This is followed by an awesome chorus with great lyrics that state. The song repeats this pattern again until it hits a bridge that I really enjoyed. This bridge sections is quickly followed by a chorus that closes the song.

Check Out The Track Here


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Ingrid Michaelson & Newtown Children “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Sometimes as a writer you encounter times when you are at a loss for words, this is one of these times. Recently, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, from the Talking Heads opened their studio to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary school to record a rendition of Judy Garland’s classic “Over The Rainbow” with help from singer Ingrid Michaelson. The children who range from ages 6-9 sound fantastic and put together a moving rendition of the song.

The track went  on sale Yesterday on Amazon and iTunes, and all proceeds go directly to, two Newtown area charities, the Newtown Youth Academy and the United Way of Western Connecticut.



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Coheed & Cambria’s new Track, “Dark Side of Me”

Yesterday via Conan O’Briens official website Coheed and Cambria released their latest song, “Dark Side of Me.”  The song is part of The Afterman and will be released on The second volume, The Afterman: Descension  which will be released in February. The first volume, The Afterman: Ascension, was released October 9, 2012. These two volumes are both part of the Amory Wars saga that comprises all of Coheed and Cambria’s discography.

When I first heard “Dark Side of Me” I enjoyed the intricate and delicate finger picked intro. Claudio Sanchez’s vocals come in next and his falsetto is so unique that it is instantly recognizable.  The song builds to a chorus, and this is when the band shines with their skill when it comes to arrangements as the instrumental accompaniment is very intricate with multiple parts that fit the mood well. The only thing I could think of adding would be a guitar solo, but that his neither here nor there.

Overall I’m okay with the track, but I hope that their album packs a certain punch that this was missing.

-B. Harlow


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David Bowie’s New Song, “Where Are We Now?”

David Bowie shocked the world last week when he released a new track entitled “Where Are We Now.” The song will be on the singer’s album, The Next Day that will be released in March. This was a shock for the music world as no one knew anything about this comeback. But that’s just the way Bowie now 66 wanted it. He made all the people whether they were musicians or studio staff sign gagging contracts, but most were okay with this citing that Bowie was one of the easiest people to work for. The fact that no one could talk about this new project provided the music world a shock, but I think people were happy with the product.

“Where Are We Now?” is an odd song that is reminiscent of David Gilmour era Pink Floyd musically, but the vocals are definitely Bowie’s. Bowie’s voice sounds aged, but not in a bad way, more in the way that has developed an odd melancholy feel. Someone that’s use to this atmospheric type of music will really like this song, as it definitely gives off an ambient vibe, but at times I found it to be a little monotonous.

Overall I think after hearing “Where Are We Now?” I’m excited to see what this legend has for new material.  We’ll have to look out for The Next Day!

-B. Harlow


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Skrillex Releases New EP, ‘Leaving’

Skrillex has started his2013 with a bang. Last week he dropped a new music video for his collaboration with Ellie Goulding, “Summit.” But what we want to focus on is that recently Skrillex shared a surprise three-song EP called Leaving. The EP runs just under 13 minutes, and is available on OWSLA’s subscription service, the Nest and on Skrillex’s official YouTube.

The EP’s opening cut is called “The Reason” and is a song that is more delicate sound to his stronger anthems. “Scary Bolly Dub” and has been a part of his DJ sets for a while and samples two of his previous songs which is cool that he found places for those hooks. The final track was called “Leaving,” and to me this seems like a more grown up track especially with the intros melancholy feeling. On the emediacy of this new EP Skrillex said, “I made ‘Leaving’ in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished ‘The Reason’ an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now.”

Check out this EP!

-B. Harlow


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Quick Artist Profile: Fences

I first heard Fences after listening to a collaboration with Macklemore on a song called “Otherside.” After hearing that amazing performance I looked into this project, and I found out that it was the brainchild of Berklee schooled musician, Christopher Mansfield. The group also features guitarist Ben Greenspan and bassist Lyndsey Starr.

Mansfield started putting together the Seattle project together in 2009, and shortly was discovered online by Sara Quin (Of Tegan & Sara Fame) after releasing his first EP, 2009’s The Ultimate Puke. Soon Mansfield was back in the studio working on Fence’s self-titled debut album. This album was released in 2010 and was produced, recorded, and features vocals from Quin. It also featured some great tracks. One of these track is entitled “Same Tattoos” which is a great narrative about growing up without a father. There is also a great track on the album entitled “Your Bones” which sounds to me like a mix of U2 and Coldplay.

I like Fences a lot because of Mansfields’s very subdued and unique style. His delivery is very deliberate and the arrangements are very mellifluous making it a pleasure to listen to.

-B. Harlow

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