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Snapshot in Time: Every Time I Die’s New Album ‘Ex Lives’

Every Time I Die a five piece from Buffalo, New York is set to release their sixth studio album on March 6th via Epitaph Records. The new album entitled ‘Ex Lives’ was recorded during the summer of 2011 and features eleven tracks, and three bonus tracks.  The album also features unique cover art that was sent to the band via twitter. The artwork is a photo taken of a protester that was rallying at the G8 conference, and happened to be wearing an Every Time I Die t-shirt.

The album it’s self doesn’t vere much from ETID traditional sound which is a mix of balls out Hardcore, Metalcore, and Southern Rock/Metal. The album does however feature some interesting tracks. One of the most interesting is the track Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow’ which starts out with an awesome banjo riff that eventually gets doubled by guitars, which leads to a very groove centered hardcore song. The song also features an interesting part where the guitars sound as if they were played by Tony Iommi.

Also featured on the album is the single ‘Revival Mode’ which is a song which borders on classic rock or could be featured in Vocalist Keith Buckley’s side project The Dammed Things (Featuring members of Anthrax and Fall Out Boy). ‘Revival Mode’ is a great track which features bluesy guitar riffs and soulful singing from Buckley.  Another track that also got the video treatment (disturbingly) is the track , ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’ which is a great track that definitely does not veer from the ETID formula.

I can’t wait to go out and get this record! Every Time I Die will be touring through March, and in April will co-headline the final day of the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, with the newly re-formed lineup of Killswitch Engage.

Check Out The Music Video forRevival Mode’ Below:

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Just Love Here: Sammy Adams

‘Boston’s Boy’ the title of Sammy Adams’ 2010 EP is a great way of describing this Wayland native. After making music on his laptop in 2008, Sammy Adams decided to take it up a level in 2010 by releasing a parody version of the Asher Roth song ‘I Love College’ entitled ‘I Hate College’ . Due to the remixes sudden popularity Adam’s EP made it to #73 on the Billboard 200, an unprecedented feat for a debut record. Adam’s EP consisted of eight tracks including the single ‘Driving Me Crazy’ and ‘Coast to Coast’. The EP also featured ‘Just Love Here’ an autobiographical track mixed which features a nice beat and a hooky keyboard sample.

In late 2011 Adams released a new pre-Album mixtape entitled Into The Wild’ (1st Round). The mixtape features 10 tracks including the highlights ‘Midnight Run’, ‘Big Lights’, and the final track ‘Bullets’. This final track is by far my favorite, it mix styles well, and overall is the most put together compositionally. However the track sounds like Mac Miller at points. The most surprising part of the track is the songs hook, which sounds a great deal like the chorus in Tinie Tempah’s track ‘Written in the Stars’.

Sammy Adams is a great artist who has a great future in front of him. I love his original sound on his EP, but hope that he really does something unique on his album that sets him apart from his peers, mainly Mac Miller.

Check out the Sammy Adams’ ‘Into The Wild’ Mix Tape Video and the track ‘Bullets’ below:




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What I’ve Been Listening to:

Gotye- ‘Somebody I Use To Know’(Geffen) : Taking musical and visual cues from Sting and Peter Gabriel, Gotye released a great song that is very vocally driven and soft. The song also has a great music video that you should check out.

Jonathan Wilson- ‘Gentle Spirit’(Bella Union): This song is the title track from Wilson’s 2011 album. The song is a beautifully composed track that sounds like a mix of Elliot Smith, CSNY, and John Lennon’s solo work. Check out the live version of this song below.

Coheed & Cambria- ‘April Come She Will’(Columbia): This is a great cover of the Simon & Garfunkel tune. Coheed’s lead singer Claudio Sanchez has a great vocal performance on this track. Hopefully we will hear a new Coheed record soon.

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Jersey Thrash: Overkill’s New Track ‘Electric Rattlesnake’

New Jersey a state known these days for the fake tans of the cast of the Jersey Shore, but it wasn’t always like that. This state used to be a hot bed for heavy metal. In the 1980’s artists such as Zakk Wylde, Skid Row, and thrash metal titans Overkill called New Jersey home. Overkill is back with what is sure to be a great album entitled ‘The Electric Age’ (Nuclear Blast), their follow up to 2010’s Iron Bound’ (E1/Nuclear Blast) which was a crash course in pure thrash metal. The new album was recorded at bassist D.D. Verni’s studio and will be released in North America March 27th.  It will be Overkill’s sixteenth album to date, a truly amazing feat.

Overkill recently released a track from the album entitled ‘Electric Rattlesnake’ which is a thrash metal fans dream come true. The track starts out and sounds like Overkills regular sound mixed with a really early Metallica attitude. Around the 3:30 mark of the track is my favorite part which sounds a lot like something Black Sabbath would have done in the Dio era, mixed with Overkill front-man Bobby Blitz Ellsworth’s signature vocal styling.

It seems as though Overkill is like a fine wine, getting better with old age. I’m looking forward to the new album and will review it when it comes out!

Check out The Track ‘Electric Rattlesnake’ Below as well as the Music Video for ‘Bring Me The Night’ off of 2010’s Iron Bound:

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Country Boy: Staind’s Aaron Lewis Changes gear with EP ‘Town Line’

Aaron Lewis lead singer from the Massachusetts rock band Staind   has recently put out an EP via R and J Records. The EP is entitled ‘Town Line’ and features five tracks that are excellent. The EP is something different from Lewis’ band Staind, because all of these songs are pure country. It’s interesting to me that I’ve always thought Lewis’ voice would sound excellent on a track with Hank Williams or David Allan Coe. The EP itself features guess spots from country legends Charlie Daniels and George Jones.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the tracks. The EP starts off with the track ‘The Story Never Ends’ which starts out with a rocking riff that goes into a softer section that is highlighted with slide guitar. The lyrics on the track are a true roller coaster about family, friends, patriotism, and life on the road this to me opens the album perfectly. The next track off the EP is entitled ‘Vicious Circles’ which is a beautiful country ballad that never falls into the cliché of many ballads.

Next up is the single entitled ‘Country Boy’ which features Charlie Daniels and George Jones, this is the strongest track on the collection, and is my personal favorite. This like the opening track is a very personal track which talks about Lewis’ family history, his history in Staind, his home and his country. The track is accented very well with a wah-wah drenched guitar solo put back in the mix.

Love songs are hard to write because you have to draw the line from being mushy to being to vague. To me Lewis’ walks this line perfectly with the track ‘Tangled up in You’ which is a haunting love song that has been reworked from its previous incarnation on Staind’s 2008 album ‘The Illusion of Progress’ (Atlantic). The final track on the EP is an ode to Lewis’ and my own state, ‘Massachusetts’ a beautiful track about coming home and knowing where you’re from.

I’d say that whether you’re a Rock, Metal, or Country music fan, this is a collection of tracks you should definitely look into acquiring or at least listen to.

Check Out The Music Video for ‘Country Boy’ below:

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Everybody Wants Some: Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’

Katy Perry. What can said about her? Besides the fact that almost everyone loves her. Following the release of 2010’s Teenage Dream’(Capitol), we haven’t heard much from one of the new queens of pop. Until now, when we found out that Katy Perry is releasing a deluxe edition of her album ‘Teenage Dream’ entitled ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’(Capitol).

 The lead single of the new edition is entitled ‘Part of Me’ which is a catchy song that runs around the three and a half minute mark. The song written by Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Bonnie Mckee, Martin Sandberg, and Henry Walter is easily its self on par with regular album tracks ‘Fire Work’ and ‘The One That Got Away’, and this is why I quite enjoy it. To me it seems most of the time when artists put out an expanded edition; it’s a grouping of unorganized B-sides and incomplete ideas. This song however is not like that, and got proper treatment in production and with overall organization with Dr. Luke and Max Martin’s carefully crafted sound pulsating through the speakers.

Part of Me’ is a great track that I hope hit’s the radio and takes the spot of heavily overplayed and overrated tracks.

Check Out the Track Below:

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In Flames, Trivium, Veil of Maya, and Kyng at the Worcester Palladium 2/17/12

B. Harlow

Friday February 17th, a day that had been marked on my calendar for weeks. Needless to say when the day came, I was excited. The main reason for the excitement was because on that day I would be seeing my favorite metal band Trivium play a show with Swedish metal veterans In Flames at the Worcester Palladium, and also because myself and a friend of mine got a chance to hang out with Trivium before the show.  Opening up the show was Kyng (Album Review Here) a rocking three piece that played a killer set. Next up was Veil of Maya, I did not know much about this band but they show something not many bands have, groove. Next was the almighty Trivium who played about a 50 minute set, followed by the melo-death pioneers, In Flames.

Kyng: Kyng played about six songs and really warmed the crowd up well. I feel as if most people didn’t think they fit the bill, but by the end of their set the whole audience was won over.  They played a great set including one of my favorite of theirs entitled ‘Falling Down’.

Veil of Maya: Don’t know too much about them but I hope to look into more of their music.

Trivium: As I said, one of my favorite bands so I’m very biased but they put on an amazing show. They started off with the title track of their new record In Waves’ (Roadrunner) .  Trivium then went on to perform two tracks off of their second album ‘Ascendancy’ (Roadrunner) and six other tracks from ‘In Waves’ Including one of my favorite tracks entitled ‘Caustic Are the Ties That Bind’ which I’ve seen them perform twice, and each time it’s a real showstopper. They then finished their set off with two tracks off 2008’s ‘Shogun’ (Roadrunner)  ‘Down From the Sky ‘ was first and then the almighty ‘Throes of Perdition’ finished off Trivium’s night in bombastic fashion.

In Flames: Interestingly enough In Flames has become one of my favorite bands since my friend Alex introduced them to me a couple years ago. From what I saw from my side of the stage was an awesome performance including ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ and ‘Deliver Us’ off of the band’s latest record Sounds of a Playground Fading’ (Century). Around the end of the fourth song ‘Alias’ My friend and I had the unfortunate experience of having beer spilled on us and seeing what was the beginnings of a wild night for Palladium security so we left. I had hoped to have seen the rest of In Flames set but being drenched in beer is just not the greatest feeling.

Overall a great show with four great bands, and a night I won’t soon forget!

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New Material from Coheed & Cambria

One of my favorite bands since I was in eighth grade has been Coheed & Cambria a four piece from Nyack, New York. Now Coheed is a little different from most bands. Most bands when they decide to do a concept, they only do about one album. Coheed took the conceptual way of thinking a step further and has released five albums that align with singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez’s concept of the Amory Wars. The Amory Wars saga consists of five albums and a comic book that is released by Evil Ink Comics.

The reason I bring this up is because on Valentine’s Day the band released a video for a new song entitled ‘Sentry the Defiant’.  The song is a solo performance from singer/Guitarist Claudio Sanchez and just this version of the song to me is better than anything off of their previous release ‘Year of The Black Rainbow’ (Columbia).

I am looking forward to a new Coheed release in 2012. Until then this track should tide me over!


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‘Safe & Sound’ Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars

“The Hunger Games” A novel by Suzanne Collins is in the process of getting film treatment, in the form of a Lionsgate feature film. On the soundtrack to the film, there is a special track done by Miss Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (Full Artist Profile) entitled Safe and Sound’(Universal) . The track is a haunting ballad in which Ms. Swift takes the lead, while Joy Williams sings a haunting harmony. All of this happens while John Paul White plays guitar and adds a signature falsetto twist to the arrangement. As for the instrumentation, the accompaniment is very nice and feature acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and sporadic hints of drums. All in all an excellently composed piece of music.

For Taylor Swift this is a way different direction from her normal material.  I hope to see more music like this from her in the future because it has a certain depth to it that songs like ‘You Belong with Me’ don’t have and as a Taylor Swift fan I don’t want her to get written off as just an artist that sings about falling in love, and then breaking up with them, In that order, every single album.

As for the Civil Wars I hope this track leads to more publicity. Even though their band name eludes to a time in history this band is fresh and deserves credibility and respect and are ready to earn it.

Check Out The Music Video For The Track Below:

The Civil Wars & Taylor Swift

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