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Trivium Release Their Sixth Album, ‘Vengeance Falls’

Trivium released their sixth album last week, and let me tell you it is a great piece of work from top to bottom. It’s no secret I’m a huge Trivium fan, as I’ve seen them live multiple times and met them on many occasions too. So obviously I wanted to take some time with this record before I reviewed it that way I could form an opinion that was unbiased. That being said I will say that this is one of Trivium’s best records and stands next to  2011’s In Waves, 2008’s Shogun, and 2005’s Ascendancy nicely. The album was produced by David Draiman from Disturbed and Device, and let me tell you he did an excellent job on the production.

The record starts off with the track, “Brave This Storm” which starts with a heavy riff that leads into a more groove oriented riff. This leads nicely into the verse which is sung in a very rhythmic way by Matt Heafy which is definitely a different approach. The chorus then comes in, and this is done in a much more typical way than Heafy’s verse which was rhythmic opposed to flowing. The title track “Vengance Falls” is up next and this track is interesting as you can see the band is further experimenting with layered vocal harmonies, and the guitar playing displayed by Heafy and Corey Beaulieu is excellent. As always Nick Augusto and Paolo Gregoletto are locked on and go beyond the call of duty.

The album’s first video single was up next and this song is entitled “Strife,” and is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song starts with this riff that is not the most technical, but gets the job done, and sets the ground for the epic riff that ensues. This leads into the verse section which is another interesting vocal performance not typical to Trivium’s music, but it works nicely with the lyrical subject. The verse also features some nice bass playing by none other than Mister Paolo Gregoletto. The chorus comes in next and vocally and instrumentally I love the chorus. Next up is “No Way To Heal” which is another spectacular track that is typical of Trivium, and is one of the best one the album. Again the chorus on this track is excellent.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is the sixth track, “At the End of This War” which starts of with a nice acoustic intro which then blasts off into a full-bore metal track. Heafy’s vocals on this track are also different from what I’ve heard from him.  “Through Blood and Dirt and Bone” is another track where I think the band realized that they love writing music with interesting rhythms.

The ninth track on the album, “Incineration: The Broken World” is one of my favorite tracks on the record, as the band shows their amazing musical skills, especially Gregoletto who put down an awesome bass solo. The Album concludes with the great track “Wake (The End Is Nigh)” which is my favorite on the album as I think it is a great showcase to the bands versatility both musically, and it shows throughout the track, as Augusto, Beaulieu, Heafy, and Gregeletto put down great performances.

Vengeance Falls is a great record that I believe shows the bands great capabilities as musicians, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed this next evolution of the band.



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Quick Artist Profile: The Dirty Dixies

The Dirty Dixies were formed in 2008 in Nashville, TN. The main mission of the group was to provide the listener with songs they can relate to. Some topics from their songs  range from driving down to Mexico, to Buying beer at Texaco. But most importantly for the Dirty Dixies is that the listener remember that the most important things in life are their dogs, their trucks, and their woman.


April fools.

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Trespass America Hits The Boston House Of Blues 8/17/12

During the two-week gap between Mayhem Fest and Trespass America, I was full of excitement. I was thrilled to be seeing some of my favorite bands in such a short period of time, and when the day of Trespass America came I was ecstatic. First of all I had passes to meet the guys of Trivium. Secondly it would be my second time seeing Killswitch Engage, and my third time seeing God Forbid. I was also looking forward to hearing some music from two bands I had never heard before, Battlecross and Pop Evil. One was great and the other was ok, but we’ll cover that later.

The House of Blues opened its doors at 4:00 on Friday, by 5:00 the club was about three-quarters filled. The first band to hit the stage was Battlecross. I enjoyed this band very much, in fact for a band I had never seen before, they blew me away. They played about five songs including an awesome cover of Pantera’s, “Fucking Hostile.”

Next up was God Forbid, and I’d have to say they were the third best band of the night. They started off with the great “Don’t Tell Me What to Dream.”  This was shortly followed by “Better Days” which is one of my favorite early God Forbid songs. The band then played “Overcome” which is a great song from their latest effort. They then played “Equilibrium” which is the title track of their latest album and one of my favorite songs. The band closed their set with “The End of The World.” The band sounded great throughout their set, and should have been much higher on the bill.

The next band to come on was Emmure. I don’t understand why they were selected for this tour. In fact I think everyone in the House of Blues was thinking the same thing. They are more in the deathcore camp. The band came out and played a short set that was ok, but really nothing special.

A band called Pop Evil took the stage; truthfully I was not expecting a band like this. They were truly the odd men out of the tour, but took this as a challenge and put together a good set. They may have killed the pit, but fans heads happily bobbed away.

Orlando metal titans Trivium were up next. I’ve seen this band so many times that I knew they’d put on an amazing set, and I definitely was right. I was blown away with what the band did with the short amount of time the band had. They opened up with “In Waves” the title track off of their latest release. This was followed by “Pull Harder on The Strings of Your Martyr” a crowd favorite off of 2005’s Ascendancy. This was followed by “Rain” which is also off of Ascendancy. This was followed by one of my all-time favorite Trivium tracks, “Caustic Are the Ties That Bind.” The way the band changes dynamics in this song is truly mind-boggling, going from heavy to almost ballad like in the span of minutes.  The band then through in a surprise with “Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis” off of 2008’s Shogun. This was the first tour the band had played the song on so I thought it was a real treat. Trivium closed out their set with the great track “Throes of Perdition.” Trivium was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

Killswitch Engage were definitely one of the highlights, especially since it was a practically a hometown show for the band, and you could tell the audience was behind the band 100%. Needless to say I was also ecstatic about seeing Killswitch’s original singer, Jesse Leach back with the band. The band started out with “Rose of Sharyn” and “Fixation on The Darkness.” They followed this up with the new track, “No End in Sight.”  The band then played some more songs, but what really got the crowd going were the last four songs which included, “My Last Serenade,” “The End of Heartache,” “My Curse,” and a great rendition of the Dio classic “Holy Diver.”

After Killswitch’s I decided to take off as I realized nothing Five Finger Death Punch could do would ever top the amazing performances that Killswitch and Trivium put on.


-B. Harlow


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In Flames, Trivium, Veil of Maya, and Kyng at the Worcester Palladium 2/17/12

B. Harlow

Friday February 17th, a day that had been marked on my calendar for weeks. Needless to say when the day came, I was excited. The main reason for the excitement was because on that day I would be seeing my favorite metal band Trivium play a show with Swedish metal veterans In Flames at the Worcester Palladium, and also because myself and a friend of mine got a chance to hang out with Trivium before the show.  Opening up the show was Kyng (Album Review Here) a rocking three piece that played a killer set. Next up was Veil of Maya, I did not know much about this band but they show something not many bands have, groove. Next was the almighty Trivium who played about a 50 minute set, followed by the melo-death pioneers, In Flames.

Kyng: Kyng played about six songs and really warmed the crowd up well. I feel as if most people didn’t think they fit the bill, but by the end of their set the whole audience was won over.  They played a great set including one of my favorite of theirs entitled ‘Falling Down’.

Veil of Maya: Don’t know too much about them but I hope to look into more of their music.

Trivium: As I said, one of my favorite bands so I’m very biased but they put on an amazing show. They started off with the title track of their new record In Waves’ (Roadrunner) .  Trivium then went on to perform two tracks off of their second album ‘Ascendancy’ (Roadrunner) and six other tracks from ‘In Waves’ Including one of my favorite tracks entitled ‘Caustic Are the Ties That Bind’ which I’ve seen them perform twice, and each time it’s a real showstopper. They then finished their set off with two tracks off 2008’s ‘Shogun’ (Roadrunner)  ‘Down From the Sky ‘ was first and then the almighty ‘Throes of Perdition’ finished off Trivium’s night in bombastic fashion.

In Flames: Interestingly enough In Flames has become one of my favorite bands since my friend Alex introduced them to me a couple years ago. From what I saw from my side of the stage was an awesome performance including ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ and ‘Deliver Us’ off of the band’s latest record Sounds of a Playground Fading’ (Century). Around the end of the fourth song ‘Alias’ My friend and I had the unfortunate experience of having beer spilled on us and seeing what was the beginnings of a wild night for Palladium security so we left. I had hoped to have seen the rest of In Flames set but being drenched in beer is just not the greatest feeling.

Overall a great show with four great bands, and a night I won’t soon forget!

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