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Vanna, Deliver With New Album, ‘The Few and the Far Between’

Vanna has been prepping for the release of their new album, The Few and the Far Between, which was released today. The album which was produced by Jay Maas, is the fourth studio album from the Boston-based band. It is also the first album featuring Vanna’s new line-up after the departure of Evan Pharmakis and Chris Campbell. The new line-up sounds great and it is apparent that they are on top of their game.

The album starts off with the title track, “The Few and The Far Between” which is a great intro track that starts out with a pounding drum beat and guitars that are very ambient,  with Davey Muise’s voice above the track. This leads perfectly into the next track, “The Lost Art of Staying Alive.” This song has a killer riff, and when Muise says ‘And it Begins,’ the whole band comes in and delivers a bruising to the listeners ear drums. This track is followed by the song, “Year of The Rat.” “Year of The Rat“ is a great track that starts out with a drone intro, but then the band kicks in, and you can tell the band is in full gear. The chorus comes in next, and this is the only notable difference between the new material and old material as it features the clean vocals of Joel Pastuszak.  Pastuszak’s voice meshes perfectly with the band’s sound, and left me thinking that he was the perfect replacement for Pharmakis.

The fourth track on the record is entitled “I Told You I’m Fine.” This track definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album especially the very ambient sounding chorus. Next up on the record is  a song called “Casket Rhythm” I particularly like this song especially the riffs which to me sounded more metal than hardcore, they almost reminded me of Pantera the way they were so tight and punchy. The next song, “The Weekly Slap In The Face” was a reminder that this is a Vanna record.

“Please Stay” is the seventh track on the record, and is one of the best songs on the record. It has a unique feel, as it is very ethereal. The Lyrics on the song are very compelling and worth a closer look. This song is followed by another bruiser entitled “A Thin Place.” This is followed by the song “The Dreamer/ The Thief/ The Relic” which is a song that starts off with a very loose feel, but tightens up eventually. I particularly liked this song due to the fact that it showcased  Shawn Marquis’ tight bass playing . The album finishes up with the track “His Heels” which is a great track to end the album with, as it sounds like the Vanna we all know and love.

-B. Harlow



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