Quick Artist Profiles: Affiance

For a long time it seemed like melody was dead in heavy music. There might be a clean vocal here or there or a melodic guitar part, but the majority of the metal bands that have come along have largely neglected this; until now. Affiance is a great band from Cleveland that are bringing technicality and melody to the forefront of the music, a great departure from the regular formula that seems to plaguing the genre.

Formed in 2007 affiance features vocalist Dennis Tvrdik, Brett Wondrak on guitar, Dominic Dickinson on guitar, and Patrick Galante on drums. The band has released three collections of material. Calm Before The Storm their debut was released in 2008. This was followed by their second collection, No Secret Revealed which was released in 2010. Their latest release was The Campaign which was released in 2012, and is a great record comprising great songs with great vocals and technical guitar playing.

Check these guys out. Metal is alive and well with Affiance!

-B. Harlow


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