Man Overboard ‘Heart Attack’

Last Tuesday Man Overboard released their third album, Heart Attack which is a  14 track pop punk album. Man Overboard is originally from Mt. Laurel and Williamstown, New Jersey and began  their journey as a band in 2008. Since then, the band they’ve released two EP’s, an acoustic EP, and a split with Boston pop punk band Transit. They’ve also  recorded two other studio albums.

This album is strong, and with 14 tracks one is fully satisfied by size and quantity. It starts out with a great track called “Secret Pain” which is a perfect opening track. The track “Where I Left You” is the next track to take note of. It starts off slowly, but picks up into a nice chorus. The band then launches into the title track which is a solid song with a heavy handed beat that drives the song. The band gets heavier on the next track “White Lies” which has a very serious feel that feels particularly well. The band keeps putting great tracks out like, “Hoodie Song,” “Damage Control,” and “Wide Awake.”  \


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