Where Did Wolfmother Go? An Update on Andrew Stockdale’s Latest Project!

When I first heard Wolfmother I knew that they were going to be big, and they were. In fact many of their songs ended up in movies and other strange places. But since the band finish recording and touring behind their record, Cosmic Egg not much has been heard from the band besides that they were working on a new record, but things were not as great as they use to be in the Wolfmother camp, as there was a new line up.

On 6 March 2013, Wolfmother’s front-man Andrew Stockdale announced that he would be releasing the album the new band was working on under his own name.  He then went on and described the album as “a different trip now.” Stockdale later announced via Facebook that Wolfmother was on hiatus, and that the band would now become his solo project.

We now know that the EP will be released April 26th and will be titled Keep Moving. We’ve also heard some of the new music, and it grooves. It has a solid beat and has this unexplainable swagger that hasn’t really been prevalent in the music world since the Stones and Zeppelin. In fact one of the tracks, “Long Way To Go” sounds like  The Black Keys, The Stones, Wolfmother, and The Jackson 5 had a mysterious love child.

I’m excited to hear this release and you should be too!

-B. Harlow

Andrew stockdale

Adrew Stockdale solo

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One thought on “Where Did Wolfmother Go? An Update on Andrew Stockdale’s Latest Project!

  1. dannko says:

    Not bad, but it’s too heavy for me.

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