Nothing is Hotter Than Texas in July

When you think of a band that has the word Texas in it you’d think that the band hails from the giant state of Texas. But that is simply not the case with the great metalcore four piece Texas in July who hail from Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The band formed in 2007 when all the members were still in high school. Since then they’ve been working hard and touring with bands like August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die, and Silverstein. Drummer Adam Gray also made a humorous appearance on the Jay Leno show.

When the band formed in 2007 they put out a demo, and this demo was sold to the band’s fans at their local shows. The band later found themselves in good favor with Lancaster, PA base record label, CI Records. The band would sign with CI and would later release one EP and one full-length album through CI. In 2010 guitarist Logan Maurer left the band to pursue a higher education, and was replaced by Chris Davis. With this line-up they recorded their album, One Reality which was released in 2011. The band followed this album with a busy touring schedule, but then entered the studio, and in the fall of 2012 they released a self-titled album on Equal Vision records.

Check out this band because there is nothing hotter than Texas in July. Trust Me.

-B. Harlow

Texas in July



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