The Silk Demise: The Soft and Comforting Sounds of Trip-Hop

If steady calming drum beats and an hypnotizing tempo are what you are looking for, The Silk Demise may be the one to satisfy your music cravings. The group’s genre is classified as Trip-Hop, once a faction to differ from the crowded fans of Hip-Hop but is now an independent genre influencing many of today’s pop icons, one of which is currently a Grammy winner for Record of the Year, Gotye. They are now currently in the process of finalizing their second album entitled Oceanid. In describing what The Silk Demise has to offer, Grave Concerns webzine review says the group is essentially “sensual, stripped-down trip-hop”. They have also been featured in online publications such as Shout4Music.

Trip-Hop is not what one may call mainstream, but if you’ve been into music long enough or have dug through the histories deep enough, you’ll realize how much the genre is actually influencing and molding many popular artists nowadays. For many, this type of music maybe quite ominous to enjoy over a chilled bingo night over at , but to others, the mesmerizing rhythms are otherworldly, inspiring enough that it even fits more immersive games such as the suspense game series, The Silent Hill. For The Silk Demise, their choice of genre maybe slightly inapplicable as mood music for bingo play but for them to embrace the electronic-yet-organic melodies is poetically similar to enjoying your popular music in their barest, most basic, most raw emotions. One of their singles, Professor’s Lake, gives you the feeling of freely wondering in a chilly vast field. The music they showcase fully utilizes what Trip-Hop music is all about, it’s grabbing you by the hand forcefully and then letting you enjoy the immersive feeling of entering a new world of varying sentiments and passions.

The Silk Demise’s new album  will feature 12 tracks, all of the titles now divulged in their blog. The Oceanid album is currently being mastered and is set to be released a few weeks after the mastering process is finalized. While we wait, go ahead and visit their page to learn more about them and listen to their previous releases.

The Silk Demise

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2 thoughts on “The Silk Demise: The Soft and Comforting Sounds of Trip-Hop

  1. mskatykins says:

    This sounds pretty chilled out, nice share. Do you know Portishead? They are a great example of a (Bristol?!) Trip Hop group. 🙂

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