Hatebreed’s New Album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’

Hatebreed have been spreading their instantly recognizable brand of metalcore around the world since 1994. The band has had a long career with many line-up changes, but what never changed is the brutal auditory assault lead by the hardest working man in metal, Jamey Jasta. Jasta and crew are back and have provided the listener with a new album consisting of 12 new tracks.

The Divinity of Purpose is the sixth studio album from Hatebreed, and let’s just say that its one of the best pieces of works that has been released in the metalcore genre in a longtime. The first track is called “Put it To the Torch,” and this song definitely shows the thrash influences that make this band so unique in the metalcore genre. The next track on the album is “Honor Never Dies,” and I enjoyed the lyrics on this one as I found them to be very meaningful especially when Jasta says “When your heart is questioned/When your beliefs are tested/Sometimes standing for what you believe/ Means standing alone.”

The next I took a liking to was the fourth track, “The Language” which is another song that really displays the band’s thrash influence, but when you hear Jasta’s vocal you instantly know, it’s Hatebreed. This track was followed by the fifth track on the album, “Before The Fight Ends You.” I particularly enjoyed this song especially for the syncopated Crowbar like riff.

The title track, “The Divinity of Purpose” was the next track that really got me going. I particularly like the bass solo at the front of the song and how it gradually built till the 34 second mark when the whole band launched in.

The Divinity of Purpose is a great record. The band sounds great and they’re righting songs that are 100% Hatebreed.

-B. Harlow



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2 thoughts on “Hatebreed’s New Album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’

  1. mlh says:

    glad to see Hatebreed is back with a solid album that is one of their best! definitely order Divinity of Purpose if you havent yet. http://bit.ly/13znq0T

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