Skrillex Releases New EP, ‘Leaving’

Skrillex has started his2013 with a bang. Last week he dropped a new music video for his collaboration with Ellie Goulding, “Summit.” But what we want to focus on is that recently Skrillex shared a surprise three-song EP called Leaving. The EP runs just under 13 minutes, and is available on OWSLA’s subscription service, the Nest and on Skrillex’s official YouTube.

The EP’s opening cut is called “The Reason” and is a song that is more delicate sound to his stronger anthems. “Scary Bolly Dub” and has been a part of his DJ sets for a while and samples two of his previous songs which is cool that he found places for those hooks. The final track was called “Leaving,” and to me this seems like a more grown up track especially with the intros melancholy feeling. On the emediacy of this new EP Skrillex said, “I made ‘Leaving’ in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished ‘The Reason’ an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now.”

Check out this EP!

-B. Harlow


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