Alice In Chains’ New Song, “Hollow”

Alice in Chains is set to release a new album in the spring of 2013, but recently the band released a track from this new album entitled, “Hollow.” This is the first track to be released off the new album, which is being produced again by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Trivium). The yet to be titled album will be the band’s fifth studio album and second without original vocalist Layne Staley.

Let me just start off by saying that “Hollow” is a great song if you like music that is a mix of stoner or doom metal and grunge. The song starts off with some feedback that soon launches into a very chorus soaked grunge riff that is accompanied by heavy drums and bass. This intro section concludes and the song goes into a very sludge or stoner metal influenced verse where the instruments chug along at a very lethargic pace that is kept tight by the rhythm section of Mike Inez and Sean Kinney. But then the chorus comes in and picks up things with Jerry Cantrell and William DuVall’s harmonized vocals. This sequence repeats itself one more time and then the listener gets a great guitar solo at 3:43. This solo continues until we hit another verse and chorus which marks the end of the song.

I look forward to hearing more of this album, and I hope that this is just a sample of more great music that is set to come from the four-piece.

-B. Harlow

Alice in Chains 2013


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3 thoughts on “Alice In Chains’ New Song, “Hollow”

  1. rosetendance says:

    That’s good news ! A new album for 2013 …. It’ll surely be a good year then !!!


  2. electr0n1ca says:

    One of my all time favourite grunge bands, glad to see they’re back, but I refuse to see them live due to the lack of Lanye Staley – I dont feel it will be the same. 😦

    • noisynoodle says:

      I would definitely give them another try despite Lanye’s absence. The latest releases (album + new single) have been pretty interesting and Jerry & William’s vocals together have been quite good. I saw AIC in 1993 (Dirt era) when I was a huge fan of the band and unfortunately Layne was pretty drug addled at the time so the vocal performance left a lot to be desired!

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