iTre! – The Best for Last of Green Day’s New Trio of Albums!

This album completes the trilogy of albums that Green Day has released in the past 4 months.  And personally, they saved the best for last.  The album is titled iTré! as a play on words with drummer Tré Cool’s name and after iUno! and iDos!

iTré! Opens with “Brutal Love.”  This song rocks.  It reminds me of “Restless Heart Syndrome” off of 21st Century Breakdown, and is a good first impression of this third album.  Next up is “Missing You” which sounds like good old Green Day with power chords and palm muting just like old times.  Third is “8th Avenue Serenade.”  This is definitely new Green Day, but still has their root elements in it.  It’s good new, not bad new.  After that comes “Drama Queen.”  This one is slower with a nice acoustic intro and change of style with a piano solo in the middle which fits perfectly into the song followed closely by a nice guitar lick.  Up fifth is “X-Kid.”  This one is average.  It fits pretty standardly into any of the new albums.  Number six is “Sex, Drugs, and Violence.”  I like this one cause of how the vocals and music harmonize.

To start the second half of the album is “A Little Boy Named Train.”  This song is good.  Long time Green Day fans will appreciate it as well as new aspects. Eighth on the album comes “Amanda.” I like this song as well.  (like I said, this album surpasses both iUno! and iDos! )  Next up is “Walk Away” which is about facing problems and being the bigger person.  It does sound like new Green Day but I‘m not saying that’s a bad thing.  Tenth is “Dirty Rotten Bastards.”  It opens with Billie singing “Yeahhhhhhh” but with a lot of flourishes.  It will be a good one in concert definitely.  It sort of falls under the “American Eulogy” (21st Century Breakdown) category.  It has a bunch of quick chord progressions and vocals meshed together into one song. It’s Mike’s song.  There are so many bass solos and a pretty sweet guitar solo as well.   I really like this one.  Second to last is “99 Revolutions.”  The way that this song flows is particularly well, and the song is rather pleasing to auditory sense .  It works.  It’s Green Day doing what they do best: making music.  Lastly is “The Forgotten.”  This song is awesome it consists of just a piano and some orchestral backing like violins and cellos with Tré’s drum keeping beat.  Then the guitar comes in for a fitting solo.

This album is straightup kickass.  It totally beats the crap out of both iUno! and iDos!  (reviews for them are also on MD)  It is just as good as 21st Century Breakdown (given, some people didn’t like 21st ,but I did.)  iTre! is a great album.  I’m quite pleased that Green Day didn’t disappoint with their trio of albums.  I wasn’t too stoked on iUno! or iDos!, but iTre! definitely made up for its predecessors’ shortcomings.  Hopefully Green Day will announce their new tour dates (because they cancelled their 2012 and 2013 shows due to front-man Billie Joe Armstrong’s rehab.)

Z. Guida


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2 thoughts on “iTre! – The Best for Last of Green Day’s New Trio of Albums!

  1. I have to get around to checking out these new Greenday albums. In my mind 21st Century Breakdown is still new. It doesn’t feel like they’ve had time to make three new albums.

    I don’t know how I’ve managed to go this long without trying them out, I used to love this band when I was a teenager.

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