Quick Artist Profile: Nadia Kazmi

With a voice that is a mix of Soul and pure Rock and Roll it’s almost impossible to go wrong. This is the combination that Candian artist Nadia Kazmi plays with. Her voice and music is a mix of both grit and smooth beauty, which is reminiscent of artist from the 60’s and 70’s, but she is not a novelty act by any means.  She brings something new that adds to the music of the past, yet still respecting and honoring her idols.

She has released two records so far the first of which was called, Arrival, and was released in 2009. The album was crafted by Nadia, Alex Elena, and Josh Valleau. The album mixes poetry with awesome vintage style grooves all with a modern feel. One of the best tracks on Nadia’s first release was “Mothers” a track that moved slowly like a blues number, but was so clearly a modern song. One of the albums other stand out tracks was the title track, “Arrival”. This track sounds like a soulful Elton John track, but with a beautiful melody put over by Nadia.  Another standout track is, “My True Love” who’s strong beat and keyboards keep the listener enticed.

Nadia’s second album is a lot different from most other artists’ sophomore release, as she chose to do a collection of covers. She chose to put a collection of songs of fellow Canadian songwriter, Leonard Cohen. On this album she puts together nine carefully picked tracks, and she put her own spin on each of them. Most notably, “Came So Far for Beauty” with its fuzz-tone guitars really stands out.

If you want to listen to a modern artist with a vintage feel Nadia is definitely the artist for you. You will not be disappointed with her mix of actual poetry and music that add so much to the listening experience.

-B. Harlow

Check out the Music Video for “Julian” Below:

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