Quick Artist Profile: Menomena

Menomena is a great two piece based in Portland. Oregon. The duo consists of multi-instrumentalists, Justin Harris and Danny Seim who share singing and songwriting duties. The bands formed in 2000, and were originally a three-piece until Brent Knopf left the band in 2010. Justin Harris and Danny Seim who had played together kept on playing music together, just as they did when they were in high school.

Menomena self-released their debut album, I Am the Fun Blame Monster! in 2003. It was later distributed by Portland-based label FILMguerrero. The band released their sophomore album in 2005 entitled, Under an Hour. The music on Under an Hour was all instrumental and consisted of only three tracks.  In 2008 the band released their third album Friend and Foe on The Seattle Based Label, Barsuk Records which lead them to also sign with City Slang for European distribution. The album also received a Grammy nomination for “Best Recording Package.” In 2009 the band released their fourth album, Mines, which was quickly followed by a world tour. This tour was followed by the band’s latest album, Moms which came out in September 2012 and was the band’s third release on Barsuk Records. If you like great music, Menomena is definitely a band you should check out!

-B. Harlow



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