Who Is The White Buffalo?

One of my favorite shows is the FX network series, Sons Of Anarchy. On the show’s season finale last year they chose to feature a haunting rendition of the Leadbelly song, “House of The Rising Sun.” The song more closely resembled The Animals cover of the song, but had a very cool   bluesy feel and altered lyrics to fit the story of the show. It was truly one of those songs that fit the show perfectly. What I really wanted to know was, who was behind this awesome rendition. At that moment I stumbled across The White Buffalo.

The White Buffalo is actually the stage name of singer, Jake Smith. Smith has a big voice, and he knows how to use that gift to display tremendous songwriting and storytelling talents. His songs encompass blues, country, folk, and at points straight up rock. What I enjoy about Smith most is his amazing lyrics and singing ability. His songs vary in topic from things such as everyday life, to various outlaw characters. His ability to tell stories through his songs reminds me a lot of Bruce Springsteen.

Smith has put out two full lengths and three EP’s under the White Buffalo moniker. Most recently he put out the full length album, Once Upon A Time in The West. The album consists of thirteen songs, and also produced two singles, “BB Guns And Dirt-bikes” and “Wish It Was True.” The songs on this album take the listener back to when all was good and when vagabonds traveled the countryside, much like Smith’s stage-namesake, the buffalo.

Anyone that likes music would enjoy The White Buffalo. I hope that this man continues on his great path of success.

-B. Harlow

Check Out The Music Video for “Wish it Was True” Below:

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