Green Day Release Part Two of Their Trilogy,’iDOS!’

Zack here with the second installment of the Green Day new trio of album reviews.  Well, with the first of three albums, iUno! released, here comes iDos!  iDos! is a good album just like iUno! , iDos! is Green Day stripped down.  This is nothing like the powerful “in-your-face” feel of American Idiot or Dookie.  Green Day is evolving and so is their music.   It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it takes some getting used to.  This album is pretty much on the same field as iUno! for me.  They could be combined into one album and I wouldn’t know where one ended and the other began.

On to the individual song review. First is “See You Tonight.”  This song is stripped down with just a guitar and vocals.  Short and sweet. I like it. Second up is “F*** Time” which features  a nice backing drum beat with explosive guitar and cymbals throughout.  It also includes a really “shloppy” but still sweet guitar solo.  Probably the fastest song on the album comes “Stop When The Red Lights Flash.”  Fourth comes “Lazy Bones,” which was the “single” for the album.  It fits with the rest of the album nicely with quieter backing guitar leading into loud power guitar and steady drums leading into loud crashing drums.

Next up is the song “Wild One,” which is a solid love song straight outta Billie Joe’s mind.  Green Day lyrics definitely.  Following is the strange yet appropriately named “Makeout Party.”  This one has nice pop (not like Jbeebs pop, like peppy, upbeat pop)  Seventh is “Stray Heart.”  Mike opens with a nice bass riff.  It’s one of my favorites off the album.  Next is “Ashley” which comes out of your speakers with a bang.  It’s quick and fast with the chorus including, you guessed it, the name, Ashley!  “Baby Eyes” comes next, and is a quick song lasting only two minutes and 22 seconds it features straight up power chords and  is definitely straight up punk. This song definitely sounds like classic Green Day.

Tenth on the album is “Lady Cobra.”  This one is quick as well lasting just over 2 minutes.  It’s all about a crazy woman!  Next is “Nightlife.”  I hate this song, and I think it’s total garbage.  Green Day should never have thought this song is acceptable by any means.  It’s trash, and not Green Day at all.  So yeah.  Then comes “Wow! That’s Loud.”  This is a nice refresher after the s**t that preceded it.  It has a funky guitar riff throughout.  And wrapping up the album is, “Amy.”  This song is just guitar and Billie Joe.  I would love to see it live.  It could fall under a “Good Riddance” category during a show (Just BJA and a guitar.)  The song is probably my second favorite off the album.

Well, iDos! is good.  Just as good as iUno!  It has its ups and one down.  I’m excited to see what Green Day rolls out for the final installment in the trio of albums.  Also, sad to say, Green Day postponed and/or cancelled their 2013 tour due to front-man Billie Joe being in rehab.  I’ll stay posted on Green Day’s albums and tour dates and let you know.  I recommend iDos!  pick it up, only 5 dollars on!

-Zack Guida


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One thought on “Green Day Release Part Two of Their Trilogy,’iDOS!’

  1. All I used to listen to was Green Day.

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