Music You Should Hear: The Stereo State’s new EP, ‘Crossing Canyons’

The Stereo State is a great band based out of Holyoke, MA, and features vocalist Andy Frongillo, Drummer Brandon Spence,  guitarist and vocalist Gabe Griffin, guitarist Matthew Spence, and bassist Patrick Kelliher. They combine to create a potent mix of what they call melodic punk. The band has just released their latest EP, Crossing Canyons which the band recorded in June 2012 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and is being released by Creator-Destructor Records on CD, vinyl, and for download on the band’s Bandcamp page.

The EP starts off with “Across The Susquehanna” which starts with vocals and electric guitar, but soon the whole joins in and creates a great song about coming home. The next song is entitled “Beachball”, and I quite enjoyed this track as it brought me back to bands that came out in the early 2000’s. The third track on the EP is called, “American Bones” to me this was a track that represents how a lyrical narrative should be written. “Say it Again” is the next track on the EP, and I particularly enjoyed this track, but not as much as the next track, “ On The Next Time” which has a real kind of Four Year Strong Feel. The final track on the EP is “The Flood” which is probably my favorite track on the EP because lyrically and musically it has a very dark feel.

Check out The Stereo State’s new EP, Crossing Canyons if you enjoy fast melodic-punk music. Be sure to also check out their 2011′s  Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?

-B. Harlow

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