Quick Artist Profile: Defeater

Defeater a five piece hardcore band from Boston, have been ripping up the underground since 2004.  The bans has released two full length albums, and have released one EP. The bands sound is unique, and has a very melodic side that makes them very hard to place.  The band takes on a very social and environmental conscious attitude towards their lyrics and actions. Their first album was actually produced on 100% recycled materials.

In 2008 Defeater released their first album entitled Travels. The album was a concept album and focused on the life of a young man born in the baby boom into a struggling family. Their next release was 2009’s concept EP entitled Lost Ground. This EP followed the story of a Man who goes into the military during WWII, and when released how he struggles to find his way. In 2011 Defeater released their next full length, Empty Days & Sleepless Nights. This album is my favorite by far and has key tracks “Brothers” a softer acoustic song driven by guitar and what sounds like a cello. It also features the track “Dear Father” which is reminiscent of La Dispute.

Check out this band, I guarantee you that they will not disappoint even if you don’t like hardcore or post-hardcore.

-B. Harlow

Check Out Their Song “Brothers” Below:

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One thought on “Quick Artist Profile: Defeater

  1. macki12 says:

    This a good song for like a cold and rainy day when you’re kind of worked up about something… I like it though… unique sound.

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