Stone Sour Release First Part of Their Saga, ‘House Of Gold & Bones Part-1’

On October 22nd Stone Sour released the first part of their saga, House Of Gold & Bones Part-1. The albums second half is expected to be released in 2013.   The album package comes in two parts, when the second installment is released the pieces, will combine to make the House Of Gold & Bones. The band will also be releasing four comic books that will go along with the album. Eventually singer Corey Taylor wants to turn the concept into a film, but that will be a little further down the line.

I recently got to listen to the new record, and unlike the last Stone Sour Record, Audio Secracy, this album doesn’t get monotonous as the tracks go on. This album builds upon itself getting better and better as the listener gets more involved. The album starts out with the track, “Gone Sovereign”  which has a different feel due to the lack of instrumentation at the beginning of the song, but I actually enjoyed this. Eventually the full band comes in, and this is when the great skills of the band come especially Corey Taylor’s vocals. Also this song features some great guitar solos from both Jim Root and Josh Rand.

The next song, “Absolute Zero” sounds to me as a more stripped down version of Root and Taylor’s other band Slipknot when it comes to the rhythm, but when it comes to melody it is clearly, Stone Sour. “A Rumor of Skin” is the third track on the album, and starts out with a very interesting guitar line that leads into a heavy groove, but I found this track boring except for Taylor’s vocals which tell a great story, and keep the listener entertained.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “The Time Travelers” which is a slower acoustic driven track with great lyrics from Taylor who paints a great picture of his emotions. His vocal performance is also great in this track because he shows his more venerable side, and doesn’t let production techniques cut out the humanness of his voice. Eventually this track fades into odd sound bites and leads into the next track, “Tired.” “Tired” starts off with a groove centered riff with a lead line played on top of it. The vocals come in next, and let me say Taylor’s voice sounds excellent with odd orchestra noises in the background. This song is odd though because it’s not a ballad or heavy song, but a mix of the two.

“RU486” is the sixth track on the album, and it’s a pure thrash track featuring chugging guitars, and very rough vocals that never find a real melody line. This is odd for Stone Sour because this is the voice Taylor would use in Slipknot. “My Name is Allen” follow “RU486,” but this is a more typical track you’d hear from Stone Sour. I enjoyed Taylor’s vocal on the track as well as Roy Mayorga’s work on the double bass throughout the chorus which gave the track more movement.

The eighth track on the record is called “Taciturn,” and is a beautiful ballad. Taylor’s voice sounds good on this track, and it seems as if his voice gels perfectly with the acoustic guitars. Eventually however the song picks up pace with the addition of piano and eventually the addition of drums and electric guitars. But the song maintains the same melancholy till the whammy pedal drenched guitar solo.  “Influence of A Drowsy God” is the next track on the album. This song starts up slowly with a very prog like intro, but eventually the guitars come in, and this is when the track takes off to another place.  One will listen to the guitars on this songs mixed with Mayorga’s drumming and see how great the two are when combined and make this very thunderous open sound.

This is followed up by “The Travelers, Pt. 2” which is a carefully orchestrated song that starts off with a harmonized guitar part, but then leads into a more melodic section featuring just piano, and Taylor’s vocal. This then leads into a heavier chorus typical of a ballad, but the song builds and builds after this chorus unlike most ballads, and just as it seems it’s going to take off it comes to an end. The final track, “Last of The Real” is up next and this is a song that sounds like a perfect Stone Sour song, a mix of great clean vocals and heavy music.

This is an odd album, but I like it because of its uniqueness. It’s definitely not what I expected band, but maybe that’s a good thing.

-B. Harlow

Check out the Music Video for “Gone Sovereign” Below:


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2 thoughts on “Stone Sour Release First Part of Their Saga, ‘House Of Gold & Bones Part-1’

  1. mskatykins says:

    This is a great, great track. I love the taches they’re rocking too! 🙂

  2. CTRockMetal says:

    I have yet to listen to the entire album, but I have heard “Absolute Zero” on the radio and the first time I heard it I thought it was Slipknot. I was never a big fan of Stone Sour, but this album sounds like it blends the heaviness of Slipknot, with the passion of Stone Sour. I will definitely give it a listen now.

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