‘iUno!’ – Green Day’s First Album In Their Unprecedented New Trilogy

This album is good. Good, but different.  It’s definitely Green Day with Billie Joe’s striking vocals and rebellious lyrics, but it’s definitely not a ballad filled rock anthem like both of their last two albums.

iUno! reminded me of the band’s earlier albums such as Kerplunk! and 39 Smooth.  It has quick, power chord filled, upbeat songs.  The album sounds like a garage band record.  It reminds me very much of Green Day’s side project band Foxboro Hot Tubs.  Some songs basically sound like their alias.

The subject matter is different than their previous two albums as well.  There’s a variety of songs from love songs to living the day to losing control.  Personally, I like the new transformation.  Rock anthems can only be pulled off once or twice.  This was a good choice for Green Days.

Now for the individual song review.  The opening song “Oh Love” is also the album’s single.  It starts with a simple guitar backing Billie Joe’s distinct voice. This opening made me happy and sparked hope for the rest of the album.  As a Green Day fan, I was already excited.  Next on the album is “Rusty James.”  This song reminds me of some songs off of 21st Century Breakdown.  3rd in the lineup comes my personal favorite off the album “Sweet 16.”  This song about love and staying young resonates with me as I begin my college life. Next up is “Angel Blue.”  It’s a quick song with a favorite lyric “Won’t you be my bloody valentine,” and a nice guitar lick throughout the song.  Fifth comes “Troublemaker.”  The title explains it all.  Teenage rebellion in a song.  Following is “Loss of Control”  which really feels like it could be on Green Day’s last album.  Seventh is “Fell For You.”  It’s a love song alright but it’s done Green Day style with clever ways of expressing love and of course Green Day’s signature music.  Next up is “Kill the DJ.”  I don’t like this song.  It’s poppy and sounds like Green Day’s trying to evolve their music a little too much.  I’m just not a fan. (Similar to how I didn’t like “Murder City” (21st century breakdown) or “Extraordinary Girl” (American Idiot))  After that they pick back up with “Let Yourself Go.”  This song could fit in on any of their pre American Idiot albums.  It has one of the best guitar solos on the album.  Next up is “Carpe Diem.”  This song is just what it sounds like.  It’s all about living and getting the best out of your time and not wasting it.  Penultimately comes “Stay the Night.”  This song definitely fits the Green Day sound.  Its Green Day doing Green Day right.  Last is the knockout “Nuclear Family.”  It has a rockin’ solo by both Mike on bass and Billie Joe on the guitar before jumping right back into the action.

I really like this album.  Green Day’s doing their thing and they’re doing it right.  I’m quite excited for the next 2 albums to be released with “iDos!” and “iTré!” November 13, 2012, and January 15, 2013 respectively.  I love this album and I highly recommend it.

–       Z. Guida

Check Out The Band’s Music for “Oh Love” Below:

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