Quick Artist Profile: Periphery

One of the bands that have been on the cutting edge in progressive music is Bethesda, MD’s, Periphery. Founded in 2005, Periphery has been putting out complex metal tunes for the masses, and was one of the bands that really embraced the Djent sound. But it hasn’t been an easy road the band has traveled with constantan member changes plaguing a solid lineup.
Periphery was started in 2005 by guitarist Misha Mansoor. Mansoor had been active in the music scene, but only in the production sense. During the early years it seemed that Mansoor was the only constant, but eventually he was joined by guitarist Jake Bowen, guitarist Alex Bois, and bassist Tom Murphy. The drum throne was helmed by two primary members through the band’s career and the spot of vocalist seems to be a revolving door. Currently the band consists of Misha ‘Bulb’ Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb on guitars, Matt Halpern on drums, and Spencer Sotelo on vocals.
What’s very unique about periphery however is that most of their musical progress was self-promoted, and took lots of bold and risky moves. One of these bold moves was to release the bands full catalogue of 130 or so songs for free download. A true rarity for many bands these days, as most bands would not be able to support themselves without selling their music. The band is constantly looking for ways to evolve and let their fans experience new music.
Check out Periphery. I don’t think that their epic brand of progressive music will disappoint the seasoned or rookie listener.
-B. Harlow

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