Dispatch Release First Full Album in 12 Years, ‘Circles Around The Sun’

When you try to describe the music from the New England based trio, Dispatch it’s very hard to pigeonhole them to a specific genre. This makes them one of my favorite bands because you never know what you’re going to get. What you do know though is quality. Whether it be a slow song like “Turn This Ship Around” off their 2011 self-titled EP, or the funk inspired “Bats in The Belfrey” off of 1998’s, Bang Bang, you know you’re getting quality music. The band which broke up in 2004 got back together in 2011, and released an EP. Now in 2012 we have the pleasure of listening to their first full length album in 12 years.

The album is entitled, Circles Around the Sun. The album consists of 10 tracks which were primarily written by Chadwick Stokes. The title track starts the album off with a very upbeat guitar track, which is later joined by very upbeat vocals and drum. The song is very enjoyable, and a real curveball to what I was expecting. Next up is the blues inspired, “Not Messin’.”  The song starts off with what sounds like a resonator, this then leads into a very steady sounding guitar riff which is accompanied by a spitfire verse. This track to me is one of the best on the album. Moving on we have the third track on the record, “Get Ready Boy” which is an up-tempo folk sounding song. What drives the song is the constant banjo playing throughout. One of my favorite tracks on the album is the fifth track, “Josaphine” which is a really bluesy number with tremendous guitar and keyboard work. The lyrics are also very cool and narrate a classic love story. The very folk inspired, “Flag” was up next. The mandolin work on this track is simply fantastic, as is the vocal work which goes into multiple harmonies. My second favorite track is entitled, “We Hold a Gun” the song starts with keys, drums, bass, and vocal. This slowly builds to wonderful conclusion. “Feels So Good” finishes the album, and to me it’s a perfect conclusion with a very positive message and sing along chorus. The song may appear to stop around the 2:40 mark, but stay listening and be surprised by the awesome coda.

Overall this album is one of my top 10 so far this year. Stylistically and musically it simply works, and that’s all that matters.

-B. Harlow

Check Out The Music Video for “Circles Around The Sun” Below:


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