Metal Veterans, Darkest Hour

It’s amazing that a band with 17 years under their belt could remain as unknown as the Washington D.C. based five piece, Darkest Hour. This however doesn’t stop the band from continuing, and putting out great material. As of now, Darkest Hour is putting together their next record, but I want to tell you a little bit about this band.

Darkest Hour started out in 1995, and consisted of vocalist John Henry, guitarist Mike Schleibaum, bassist Raul Mayorga, and drummer Matt Maben.  Of those two original members only two remain. The band’s lineup seemed solid until 2008 when guitarist, Kris Norris left. He was replaced however by the very funny and talented, Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan. This line-up still seemed solid, but in 2011 drummer, Ryan Parrish left the band. Bassist, Paul Burnette soon followed parish. They were replaced by drummer Timothy Java and bassist Aaron Deal. When I saw Darkest Hour it was with Deal and Java. They were both sharp as tacks.

The band has put out 7 albums since 2000. The first was released on MIA record label and was entitled, The Mark of Judas. This was quickly followed by the album, So Sedated, So Secure, which was also the band’s first release with Victory Records. In 2003 the band released it’s more melodic death metal sounding release, Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation. This was followed up two years later by 2005’s Undoing Ruin. In 2007 the band released, Deliver Us, it would be the last album without the tremendously talented Kris Norris. As 2009 came around the band readied their album The Eternal Return. This was one of my favorite because the guitar sounds on it are so crunchy, yet melodic. Next up was 2011’s, The Human Romance which was the band’s first release under E1 Music. The album was released with a lot more promotion, and the band slaved on the road playing multiple tours.

As you are reading this the band is working on their next record. Be prepared for an ultimate assault of metal upon its release. They will not disappoint, I promise.

-B. Harlow

Check Out Darkest Hour’s Music Video For Their Song, “Love As a Weapon” :

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