Dave Matthews Band Release, “Mercy”

Dave Matthews Band is back, with their new song, “Mercy” which is the lead single from the band’s upcoming album, Away From the World. It is also the band’s first new studio release since 2009’s, Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King. It is also the band’s first recording without the late, LeRoi Moore.

 Now when I heard this song I was impressed. Whether it was the melody, the message, or the vibe, DMB got it right with this track. One thing people seem to overlook lately is the power of music and the lyrics in said music. Dave Matthews in particular always puts in a stellar performance vocally and lyrically. The lyrics in “Mercy” focus mostly on social change. I was very impressed with lyrics like, “Crying won’t save or feed a hungry child/ Can’t lay down or wait for a miracle to change things.” It seems as though Matthews is an activist calling other people to join him in doing good work for others. I also liked the overall feel of the song, but I felt that it was very reserved. The saxophone and bass add a very march like feel to the song, but the overdubbed electric guitars starting at the 2:08 mark give the song a very fluid feel. Thus this made the accompaniment a mixed bag for me. I did however enjoy the smooth jam band part at the end of the song.

Overall I feel like this was a good track, but I also feel as though the DMB could have done more with it musically. It feels very safe instead of exploratory like most of their earlier efforts, but I enjoyed it because it still had the familiar DMB sound.

-B. Harlow

Check Out “Mercy” Below:


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