Killswitch Engage’s New Song, “No End in Sight”

One of the biggest surprises in the music world was when former Killswitch Engage singer, Jesse Leach re-united with his former band after vocalist Howard Jones stepped down. To many in the music world it was a shock as Leach and Killswitch guitarist Adam D. had a very successful side project called Times of Grace. Many also wondered what this new/old lineup of Killswitch would sound like. The release of their new song, “No End in Sight” gives us some insight into the direction the band is going, and I have to say I’m enjoying it immensely.

The track starts off like many of the tracks on Times of Grace’s Hymn of A Broken Man with a spoken intro with a riff played under it. The riffing continues into a verse in Leach’s typical sing/scream voice. This is then followed by a very melodic chorus featuring Leach and what sounds like Adam D. on harmonies. This leads into a more dissonant verse which adds a great deal to the musical structure, as it builds significant tension. The chorus comes in again, and this leads into the typical breakdown, but instead of just palm muted guitars, this is more of a riff.

I hope that Killswitch continues writing music like this, as I believe it’s musical and lyrical content will speak to the masses. It’s also great to see Leach back in the band, but I still will miss Jones. I’m looking forward to hearing their new material and seeing them live on August 18th.

-B. Harlow


Check Out The Song “No End in Sight” Below:

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