Wind In Sails’ New Track “Murder Backwards”

One of my favorite  artists is Evan Pharmakis’ and his project, Wind in Sails. Pharmakis the former Guitarist/Singer of Boston post-hardcore band, Vanna has been working on Wind In Sails, and has been playing shows in the New England region for most of 2012.

Yesterday Pharmakis released a new track entitled “Murder Backwards.” The song runs at three minutes and 50 seconds. What drew me to the song initially were the chords in the song. They bring about a bittersweet/melancholy feel. They also keep the song moving into the vocal in which we see Pharmakis excel. At first the vocals are one track, but eventually they split, and a sweet harmony is laid beneath the initial melody. The arrangement may be simple, but it is effective in portraying the mood of the song. The song lyrically seems to deal with moving on from the past and letting go. The song then goes on to speak about moving forward in a different direction.

Overall “Murder Backwards” is a stellar track that is sad in nature, but comes around as avery positive song about moving on from past ventures. I think these types of songs with open and honest lyrics are what is going to drive Pharmakis’ project. I can’t wait to hear what Wind In Sails does next!

-B. Harlow

Check Out The Song “Murder Backwards” Below:

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