Moufy Drops New Mix-Tape, ‘The Preparation’

One of my favorite rappers to emerge from Boston has been, Moufy. A Boston native, Moufy takes pride in his city, and this is apparent on his new mix-tape, The Preparation. Moufy takes his life experiences of growing up in Roxbury and going to private school to shape his music. Moufy also uses interesting beats, lyrics, and melodies to create a very listenable mix-tape which is of high production quality. The Preparation is a natural progression from his previous mixtape, Boston Lights, and will probably receive mainstream press soon. Jump on the Star Gang train as it’s about to leave Boston, and is headed to your city.

The Preparation actually starts off with the track “Skyline” which is a very mellow track featuring Moufy’s upbeat rhymes, and also features Mackey on a great clean vocal. “Glass Break” is the next song, and is also single off the mix-tape. I enjoyed this track because of the heartfelt lyrics, and because of the awesome relaxing beat. The track also features a catchy chorus performed by Masspike Miles. The next track that caught my attention was the fourth track, “Hundred Thou”. The track has a catchy beat with a killer bass line reminiscent of southern rappers like, Yelawolf or Rittz.   One of the songs that I think could get a lot of mainstream play is the sixth track, “Nobody”. “Nobody” has a catchy beat with a catchy chorus that would find itself comfortable on mainstream radio. My favorite track on the Mix-tape has to be the final track, “Forever More.” To me it’s the perfect way to end a mix-tape due to the nature of the lyrics, and the beat which is sprinkled with piano.

Moufy is one of the best rappers to release music in the last five years. I think that with the right label and PR team Moufy will take over the rap game and stand up next to heavyweights like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and Yelawolf.

-B. Harlow

Check out the full mix-tape below:

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