Lions Lions: The Path They Took

Lions Lions comes out of the Boston music scene, which almost all of its members helped to form. The band was formed in 2007 and has been collaborating to create their music since. The band’s four members have been very involved in the Massachusetts music scene, Brandon Davis formally played with in local bands including Vanna and Therefore I Am.  Jon Kay formerly played with The Jonah Veil Joshua Herzer, and Nick Sjostrom have always been involved in playing music. All of their backgrounds come together to form a sound that is unique, and shows how they stand out from the crowd.

Their music is influenced by the array of genres they have worked with in the past, culminating into what they consider themselves today. The band’s genre can be described as hardcore, rock or pop punk. In 2008, Lions Lions released their first album Direction, which showed how much they deserved to be in the ranks of other successful bands from the Boston are inlcluding Four Year Strong,  A Loss For Words, and Vanna.

The band continued their success with their sophomore From What We Believe. In 2010 the band released their third album in three years, titled The Path We Take. Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to see Lions Lions a handful of times, and every time I am more impressed with how the band has progressed over the years. I find a new reason to be impressed with them each time as well, whether it be how tight the band plays live, the chemistry the band mates have with one another or how they interact with their fans. It has been such a special experience as a fan to watch the band progress, and to see where the future of the bane unfold. Being a small town band, show them your support by checking them out on Facebook and on iTunes. They say local music is the best music, and Lions Lions is no exception to this.

-M. Tozeski

Check Out Lions Lions’ video for their song “Killing Your Grace” below:


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