Baroness Release New Track “Take My Bones Away”

One of the best kept secrets in modern music is Savannah, Georgia’s, Baroness. Baroness have been together since 2003, but did not release their first full length LP till 2007 when Relapse Records dropped, Red Album.  They followed that up with their sophomore release 2009’s , Blue Record. Three years later Baroness is set to release their third album, Yellow and Green. Recently we got to take a listen to a new track off the album entitled, “Take My Bones Away”.

“Take My Bones Away” is a great track that emphasizes two things I think metal bands forget, hooks and musicality. The first thing the listener gets a piece of is the Black Sabbath-esque sludgy riff. They also get a very melodic yet strained vocal performance. One will then realize that this song has one of the catchiest choruses seen in recent years, almost sounding like The Melvins, Mastodon, and Queens of The Stone Age had a warped love child. Around the 2:20 mark we hit my favorite part of the song, the very nontraditional sludge-driven guitar solo, that’s a mix of different effects and riffs that swirl around. This all ends when the chorus comes again, and the song comes to a bitter end.

Overall I believe that this is one of the better evolutions I’ve seen a band make. To me it is a lot like the jump Mastodon made from their album, Blood Mountain to Crack The Skye, necessary changes in sound based on circumstance. To me it also seems as if they’re not going melodic for mainstream, but because that is what the music calls for, thus making it a more organic process. Be sure to check out, Yellow and Green when it comes out July 17th via, Relapse Records.

-B. Harlow

Check out “Take My Bones Away” Below:

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