Aerosmith Return With New Track “Legendary Child”

Whether it is 2012 or 1973, Aerosmith will always be the band for me. This statement is something that I will honor till I die, because ever since I was a child Aerosmith have been my favorite band. Whether it be the nitty gritty of “Somebody” off of the band’s debut self-titled album from 1973, or the polished sounds of the 1998 Diane Warren penned hit, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. Aerosmith’s music speaks to me and to millions of others. This connection with fans made them the biggest American Rock Band, with their record sales surpassing 150 Million units sold.

As a new season of the hit show American Idol was about to launch, many Aerosmith fans were glad to hear the news that the band was tucked away in a Los Angeles studio working on a new album. Although nothing was heard from these sessions a few pictures surfaced. This made fans even more enthusiastic about the coming album.

Yesterday (May 23) fans were pleasantly surprised with a performance from Aerosmith. They performed their new song, “Legendary Child”. The crowd was on their feet as the band blasted their way through the new song on the American Idol Stage. Immediately after this we learned that Aerosmith would be releasing their 15th album Music From Another Dimension on August 28th via Columbia Records. Something the bands fans were glad to hear, as many thought this project would never see the light of day.

Yesterday we also got to listen to the new track, “Legendary Child”.  To me the song is the best thing the band has released since 1993’s Get a Grip. Ironically the song was written during sessions for that album, but it did not make the cut. After a reworking the song has been released, and my ears were overjoyed. The song starts off with a backwards guitar that goes into a riff that sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin’s “The Wanton Song”. Steven Tyler’s vocals follow, and the song is instantly kicked up a notch. Then the song takes an odd turn when we go to this atmospheric section. This is then interrupted rudely by Joe Perry and Brad Whitford’s monster riffage. Then another verse that is full of Steven Tyler’s usual witty lyrics kicks in.  This time the band chooses to forego the atmospheric pre-chorus section, and go straight into another chorus. This chorus is then followed by a short guitar break, and then a ripping Joe Perry solo. At the end of Perry’s solo back-masked guitars are moving in and out, and Tyler repetitively sings the songs title till the song comes to a conclusion.

Overall I believe that Aerosmith hit the mark, and created a great track with a fantastic groove. I was hoping for something a little more vintage, but I think I am satisfied with this for the time being! I hope that Music From Another Dimension provides more great music, as I will be a first day buyer.

-B. Harlow

Check Out the Stream of Aerosmith’s New Song “Legendary Child” Below:

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3 thoughts on “Aerosmith Return With New Track “Legendary Child”

  1. mskatykins says:

    Great post! I LOVE Aerosmith, they are such a fabulous band and what fantastic vocals on Steve Tyler. I’m always so impressed when I think about him having written ‘Dream On’, what was he like 17? Wow. I am really looking forward to checking this out.

    They, along with Prince and Queens of the Stone Age are a band that I would really, really, love to see… those are the ones that are still on my list. I hope I can one day make it happen!

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