Childish Gambino: Accidentally Influencing Lives

I can honestly say that I did not listen to much rap or hip-hop at all for a long time until one of my buddies introduced me to actor/comedian/etc. Donald Glover’s rap music.  Under the moniker of “Childish Gambino,” Glover spits smooth rhymes over solid beats.

I was turned onto Childish right before his major label debut, CAMP, was released last November.  Preceding that, the star of NBC’s comedy, Community, had put out at least three other releases in the forms of mixtapes, EPs, and mp3 albums.  Before CAMP, he posted all of his music online for free, allowing for his devoted fans to freely spread the word about the Childish project.

Anyway, this very talented twenty-eight year old recently spilled his mind via his blog.  Under the Gun Review revealed his post in its entirety, which is very intriguing to read.  The headline of this article you are reading right now directly correlates to part of his blog post:

Childish Gambino started as an inside joke that grew way faster than I ever thought it could.
When people come up to me and are like “this got me through chemo” or “I came out to my parents” off of Childish, I almost feel guilty.
Shit started as a joke, fun between writing with family and friends.
But I kinda don’t have that scapegoat anymore…and I’m good with that. Word.

There you have it, folks.  Donald Glover indeed inadvertently affected people’s lives with something that began as a joke.  It is not very surprising, though, with the fact that many of his lyrics are very deep and sometimes pretty dark.  At the same time, though, his music relies heavily on wordplay, often reaching raunchy and relatively vulgar themes.  But, damn, he’s good.

In other news, I will be seeing him in Boston next month and could not be more excited.  I jumped on my tickets the first day they went on sale and my seats are the second row back from the stage.  It will be a great show.  Expect to find a review from myself on that concert here on Musically Diversified at some point after June 21st!

-T. Shaw

Check Out the Music Video for “Heart Beat” Below:

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3 thoughts on “Childish Gambino: Accidentally Influencing Lives

  1. Reblogged this on popexcavation and commented:
    love CG.

  2. M. Tozeski says:

    Hey bbwraven I’ll be posting a review of his show in Tennessee. I’m going to Bonnaroo in about fifteen days and I am looking forward to seeing him there, so keep checking out the blog for more info!

  3. bbwraven says:

    Okay….I’m not a rap/RnB or Community fan so I never knew he did music but I’ve seen his face. I liked the video you posted & can’t wait to read your review of the show!

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