With Knives’ Debut Their EP ‘Schadenfreude’

What happens when members of Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die get in a room to jam? The answer might surprise you, but the end result is the killer EP from With Knives entitled Schadenfreude. The band which was originally a side project created by Newton and Trohman as both of these musicians are no longer with their previous bands, and their other band, The Damned Things (Which consists of members of Anthrax, Every Time I Die, and Fall out Boy) is out of commission due to touring behind Anthrax’s new record Worship Music and Every Time I Die’s latest release Ex Lives.

 The EP is a collection of six tracks, and was recorded in Kansas City over a short time span. The EP starts out with the very creepy track “Dig a Hole” which is sure to raise the hairs on listeners backs. The second track is entitled “Pretentious Child” this to me is a straight up rocker that sounds like the product of putting Danzig and The White Stripes in a blender. “Between Our Veins” is the next track and it starts out with a very steady drum beat reminiscent of Charlie Watt’s consistent time keeping. It also is a straight rocker with heavy, grinding bass, and it contains very steady guitars that move in and out of the arrangement. “Mr. Groper” follows “Between Our Veins” and is a track that could find it’s self on something the damned things would do. The next to last track is entitled “You Can’t Stop Losing Me”, and is an odd song do to its dirge like tempo. The final track on the EP is by far my favorite, and is entitled “Black Box Remedy”. This track starts off with two guitars playing, and then the drums come in. Slowly it builds and builds to a relatively sludgy chorus which I enjoy. Then a guitar solo comes in towards the end of the song and it wraps up the track and EP perfectly.

Overall I have to say that I enjoyed this EP, but am wondering where this band will go in terms of creativity. Will they go more hardcore? Will they go more metal? Could they go more rock? No one knows, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

-B. Harlow

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