La Dispute Live At The Middle East 4/30/2012

Recently I found myself in the basement of the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. I was there with three other people taking in the sounds of four bands. All four bands were good but the real highlight of the night was headliner, La Dispute. Of all the bands that I’ve seen live, I’ve never seen a band that connects to their fans so much. The whole basement was in the band’s palm, mostly thanks to front man, Jordan Dreyer who portrayed his poetry in a voice like no other, but more on that later.
First up was the band Sainthood Reps who were touring behind their latest record Monoculture. They were great, but the audience reaction to them was odd. Most in the audience looked as though they were bored, even though the band was putting on a very high energy show. I was impressed with the band’s musicianship, and the incredible mix that the band achieved.
Next up was the South Carolina bred four piece, All Get Out. Now this band was good, and put on a great stage show. But the audience wasn’t very receptive to what the band was doing. This was unfortunate but, by the end of their set the audience’s reaction came around.
Next up was Balance and Composure. When they came on the audience showed their first sign of life. The band put on a killer show and played about 45 minutes. I was very impressed with this five pieces stage show considering the limited space at the Middle East, yet they managed to put on a great performance.

Next up were headliners, La Dispute. The Michigan based quintet put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. It started off with front-man, Jordan Dryer whom from the stage took the mic and gave an amazing speech about the importance of music, and the community that forms when listening to music. On the band’s Facebook page it is stated “La Dispute also carries a firm passion for the relevance of a live show, both for the bands involved and for the people in attendance, and will go to the grave believing that the environment created when strangers come together despite their differences to celebrate one important thing is invaluable and should not under any circumstances be taken for granted.” To me this signifies the experience that I had at this show as the people at the show created a community of acceptance based on a love of a common thing, music. As for the live performance, I have to say I was very impressed especially when they finished their set with the emotional “King Park”. The whole audience went crazy and sang along to the intense lyrics of the song. To me it capped off a great show, and a great night.

-B. Harlow

La Dispute:

Balance and Composure:

All Get Out:

Sainthood Reps:

All Photos by Christina Duhani for Heart Shock Photography and

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