Mikael Åkerfeldt and Steven Wilson Debut Their Opus ‘Storm Corrosion’

Starting in 2010 Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt and Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson have been collaborating on the joint effort that became Storm Corrosion. Storm Corrosion released their self-titled debut album yesterday (May 7th), and no surprise to me it is one of the most unique and technical albums I have ever listened to. Running at 47 minutes, Storm Corrosion is an impressive album, with six uniquely composed tracks.

The album starts out with the close to ten minute song “Drag Ropes” which features a very jazzy arrangement including; guitars, keyboards, and vocals. Musically it sounds a lot like something that Genesis would have done when Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett were still in the band. The next track is entitled “Storm Corrosion” and is a beautiful piece that features what sounds like a woodwind and a beautifully arpeggiated acoustic guitar. The next striking thing is the beautiful vocal arrangement which is more Simon and Garfunkel sounding than anything released in progressive music before. The song also features a beautiful guitar solo that is reminiscent of Yes’ Steve Howe. The next track is called “Hag” and features a beautiful arrangement for guitar, piano, and vocals. The track then builds with a steady heart thumping bass line that leads to the rare appearance of drums.  “Happy” an ironically titled song considering how dark the song sounds follows “Hag”, and at almost five minutes is the shortest track on the album. The next song “Lock Howl” starts up with an odd extraterrestrial sound that is followed by beautiful guitar work by Åkerfeldt. Lock Howl continues on with a beautiful arrangement and ends abruptly. The final track on the album is “Ljudet Innan” a beautiful atmospheric track that finishes the album.  “Ljudet Innan” also features another rare appearance of the drums.

Storm Corrosion’s Storm Corrosion is an epic work of mastery which will set the bar in progressive music for years to come. I highly suggest you pick up this album.

-B. Harlow

Check Out The Music Video For “Drag Ropes” Below:

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