Quick Album Preview: Jack White’s Debut Solo Effort ‘Blunderbuss’

Usually we write reviews on songs or albums that are already out. Upon hearing the three songs that Mr. Jack White has put out in the last three months, I can’t help but write about the excitement I feel towards his first solo record. The album is going to be entitled Blunderbuss and will be released by his Columbia imprint Third Man Records.

After dissolving the White Stripes in early 2011 I was curious to see what Mr. White would do, he has come back better than ever. Listening to the track “Sixteen Saltines” you definitely get that familiar White Stripes/Raconteurs garage rock sound. The Song “Freedom at 21” is a more interesting song that I can’t really place, but it reminds me of something that came out of the early 60’s or late 70’s.  The first track released “Love Interruption” became one of our favorite’s early on.

-B. Harlow

Keep tuned next week for a review of the full album!

Check Out the three songs that have been released from Blunderbuss below:

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5 thoughts on “Quick Album Preview: Jack White’s Debut Solo Effort ‘Blunderbuss’

  1. DyingNote says:

    I’m just waiting for the album release.

  2. I’m quite excited to, although I wasn’t massively took by The White Stripes, Iv’e really like Jack’s solo stuff, it’s really electric and fast paced. I’m not a huge Jack White fan, but I reckon that his Solo album could turn me.

  3. mskatykins says:

    Nice review, as always. 🙂

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