Quick Artist Profile: Transit, Bostons Premier Pop/Indie/Punk Band

Transit is a pop/indie/punk band from the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.  They formed in 2006 then had their first EP Let It Out in 2007.  Their first releases have a quicker punk and in-your-face snap to them with Let It Out and their second release, their first full length album This Will Not Define Us.  They released the EP Stay Home in early 2009 and another EP Split in December of the same year. They released their second full length album Keep This To Yourself in 2010 followed by a third EP  Something Left Behind.  By this EP their sound has changed a little from being punk rock to a more pop-indie style.  They set out a 4th EP Promise Nothing in early 2011 followed by their latest hit album Listen and Forgive featuring catchy tracks like “Long Lost Friends,” and “All Your Heart” featuring Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump!

Their sound is similar to Simple Plan and Good Charlotte but unlike each of them, Transit has a unique sound that is pretty-uncommon in pop punk music.  They have great backing guitar riffs as well as good acoustic support on a few songs.  Instead of the popular chord progression system they have catchy intros and rhythm.  Their drums don’t let down the music at all.  Their quick riffs make me, as a guitarist, want to pick up my guitar and play their stuff.  It’s interesting and never loses your attention unlike a lot of the pop-indie bands that crowd today’s music scene.

Transit is a great pop-punk-indie band that does their music right.  From right here in theBayState, these Boston punks have hit the sweet spot on their talent and should continue to create catchy and energy filled songs.

-Z. Guida

Checkout The Music Video For Transit’s song “Long Lost Friends” Below:

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