Evan Pharmakis’ new Project Wind In Sails

Recently we learned that longtime Vanna Guitarist/Vocalist Evan Pharmakis was leaving the group to pursue another journey. We then found out that part of this new journey was the Creation of his new project Wind in Sails. Wind in Sails is mainly acoustic rock and the songs are constructed very nicely. When Pharmakis put together the project  he wanted to produce music people of all ages could enjoy, this was something that he just couldn’t do with his former band Vanna. To me he accomplished the goal of creating music that a wide audience could enjoy. To me this makes him an artist because he has a vision guiding him. Wind in Sails however is an independent project with no financial backing what so ever.  Pharmakis has set up a Kickstarter page to help support his efforts. Please help him out!

-B. Harlow

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