Quick Artist Profile: Macklemore

Seattle is known for its music scene, especially for being the home of Grunge Rock. One would be surprised that Seattle has a vibrant hip-hop scene. From this scene comes 29 year old rapper Macklemore. Recently a friend turned me onto Macklemore and said “He writes raps that are poetry”. After Listening to his numerous EPs, I agree.

Macklemore started his career like many musicians do, in their high schools performing to their peers. Eventually he would attend Evergreen State College where he attained his bachelor’s degree.  After he got out of school Macklemore decided to use his music for good, by organizing a program at a juvenile detention center based around rap and hip-hop. This started Macklemore off as one of the most prevalent social conscious rappers. To me Macklemore is a voice of reason in a hip-hop world saturated by conspicuous gluttony.  He raps about real issues, from addiction, to religion, to politics. Topics most rappers wouldn’t touch Macklemore tackles with relative ease.  Sometimes he tackles issues in a very serious way as in his song “Church”. Other times he takes a more sarcastic approach, like his very politically driven song “Fallin”.

The future looks very bright for one of Seattle’s best, Macklemore. He was featured as “Unsigned Hype” in Source Magazine and was also featured on the cover of XXL as part of their Freshman Class. This seems ironic since he released his first EP 12 years ago, but exposure is exposure. If anyone deserves to dominate the hip-hop game, it’s Macklemore.


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