We Are the In Crowd – Best Intentions

Best Intentions is the first full length album released by the band We Are the In Crowd, and was released in October of 2011, through Hopeless Records.  The young band is from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (coincidentally where I plan on attending college next year.)  The main thing that separates them from the other pop-punk-alternative rock bands is their singer, Taylor Jardine.  Her vocals are a much needed change in the ever growing competition that is pop/alternative music.  She doesn’t have an Evanescence feel but more of a Paramore sound, but she is still distinct.  Also, a good portion of vocals are sung by guitarist Jordan Eckes.  His voice next toTaylor’s brings out the best in both of them.  Drummer Rob Chianelli provides the great percussion behind the music and Mike Ferri keeps the groove on the bass guitar.  Cameron Hurley rocks the lead guitar on most songs.

The album opens with a bang with the single Rumor Mill”.  This catchy hit has both Taylor and Jordan singing opposing parts and it just works.  Next is the cleverly titled track “This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB” This isn’t their best song but it’s great nonetheless, it features  good overlapped vocals during the bridge section.  “The Worst Thing About Me” is a great breakup song showing the feelgood side of splitting with someone.  Fourth comes “Kiss Me Again”, a song to listen to with a significant other. Taylor’s and Jordan’s vocals speak from both perspectives of common love.  They keep it up for the fifth track “On Your Own”.  Rob opens the next song All or Nothing”, this slows the album for a great change of pace. However it’s the chorus that carries the song.  “Exits and Entrances” picks the pace back up for another great track.  “See You Around is quick one with good pop to it.  The next track You’ve Got it Made is light and features an acoustic guitar and strings backing the piano.  This is one of the best tracks on the album.  The album closes with a fast-paced song entitled “Better Luck Next Time“.  This song ends the album well, with great lyrics, and a chorus that sticks with you.

We Are the In Crowd rocks it with this album.  Their lyrics are clever and catchy. Their dual lyricists make for a sound that is much needed amongst today’s ever monotonous pop-rock bands.  I highly recommend picking this album up, or at least downloading a few songs.

– Z. Guida

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