Dispatch is Back: 2011 Reunion and Their Self Titled EP

Dispatch has been making records since 1996 with their first album Silent Steeples’.  They grew in popularity with their second album ‘Bang Bang’ featuring the now famous ‘The General’.  They are an independent band so they won’t be on the radio or TV much.  They broke up in 2004 when they played their “Last Dispatch” show at the Hatch Shell inBoston,MA to 110,000 people.

Now they’re back.

Touring in 2011 and the release of a 6 track EP made Dispatch fans more than excited.

Their EP sure is Dispatch.  It has a rocking guitar riff in the song ‘Melon Bend’ as well as some of Dispatch’s signature slow but catchy songs in ‘Valentine‘ and ‘Broken American’.  All three members contributed their works and it gives an all around great rebirth to their music in 2011.

They played 3 shows in Boston on June 24, 25, and 26.  I was at both the 24th and the 26th shows.  They really showed the hometown crowd what they wanted.  Friday night was amazing, opening with ‘Melon Bend’ right into an appropriate ‘Open Up’.  They included ‘Steeples’ and ‘Whaddya Wanna Be’ in their set too. They ended the night with an energetic ‘Out Loud’ and finally ‘The General’.

But on Sunday night, they pulled out all the stops.  They came out in costumes and played four rare songs: ‘Questioned Apocalypse’, ‘Water Stop’, ‘Hey Hey’, and ‘Mayday’.  In their main set, they included a Pete Francis solo ridden ‘Lightning’ as well as ‘Railway’, a song that they hadn’t played in 15 years.  They got everyone singing for hits like ‘Elias’, ‘Flying Horses’, and ‘The General‘.  For the encore, they brought in their famous touring van named Wimpy and played a fast paced ‘Cut It Ya Match It’ on top.  They closed out the night with ‘Open Up’; an ironic but perfect choice.

Dispatch is definitely back and, releasing Circles Around the Sun later this year.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what Dispatch gives us this time.  Hopefully they’ll be back on tour to showcase their new work as I will be there.

– Z. Guida

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One thought on “Dispatch is Back: 2011 Reunion and Their Self Titled EP

  1. Dotan Negrin says:

    I have yet to see these guys play. I love their live recordings and how they collaborate. Got into these guys back in summer camp in 2003…

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