DEV – Take Her From You

Since 2010 Dev has been rocking the pop music scene with catchy dance numbers like her single ‘Bass Down Low’ and her hit ‘In the Dark’.  Over the last few days Dev’s new single ‘Take Her From You’ has become one of my favorite songs, that she’s put out in her short career. One of the key reasons I enjoy the track is because of the unique whistling parts, the very White Stripes like instrumentation, and the very dark lyrics. This song is like Lady Gaga and Jack White had a baby and the end result was a great song.

The song it’s self is a very simple song, the riff moves at a very slow but intense pace, with the vocals adding to the creepy mysterious feel. Around the 20 second mark the drums kick in and are essentially the pulse of the whole track, as the bass on the track is very low in the mix.  Around the 50 second mark you get to my favorite part which is the very unique whistling part. At the 2:11 mark we have an interesting part that sounds a great deal like Lady Gaga. In fact if I were to come up with a name for it I’d call it the ‘Bad Romance’ part. The ‘Bad Romance’ part then leads into what I would call the White Stripes section. This perfect combonation of sounds leads to a very unique track.

Check out the Music Video Below:

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