Quick Artist Profile: Cleveland’s MGK (Machine Gun Kelly)

One of Cleveland’s greatest exports has been MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). If you want to hear fast rhymes with true attitude, MGK is your guy. Born in Texas and living all over the globe until he finally settled in Cleveland, MGK was exposed to many different types of music especially rap. MGK got his first break when he was featured on an MTV2’s Sucker Free Freestyle. During his turn he astonished audiences with verses from his song ‘Chip Off the Block. In 2010 he released his first mixtape 100 Words and Running’. One of my favorite MGK tracks comes off this tape. The song is called ‘Cleveland’ and is an obvious nod to MGK’s hometown. The song is an anthem in the city and is played at Cleveland Cavaliers games.

In 2011 after a performance at the SXSW festival, MGK was approached by P. Diddy and asked to sign to Bad Boy/Interscope Records. His first major label full length is due in summer of this year and will be entitled ‘Lace Up’.

-B. Harlow

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