Artist Profile: fun.

 In 2008, Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff, and lead singer Nate Ruess formed an indie pop band out of New York City, New York. The trio formed after the bands they were associated with, The Format and Steel Train, failed to reach the level of success they hoped for. The trio chose the name fun. and a year later their debut album was released. The album titled ‘Aim and Ignite’ (Nettwerk) peaked at #71 on the Billboard Top 200. After nine months of work their sophomore album ‘Some Nights’ was released by Fueled by Ramen. The album features songs such as ‘Carry On’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Why Am I the Young’.

The trio broke into the public eye with their single ‘We Are Young’ which featured a guess spot by Janelle Monae. Every band has that one song that they are known for that helped jump start their fame and ‘We Are Young’ is that song for fun. The song appeared on many MTV shows including The Real World as well as a slew of commercials. Most recently, the song has been featured in the Chevy Sonic commercial along with Ok Go and Rob Dyrdek. Gaining this new fame has paved a way for fun. to become one of the most popular alternative artists around. On March 7th, fun.’s the song reached the No. 1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. This makes fun. the first multi-member Rock Band to make a Billboard debut with the #1 spot since 2002.

 I first heard about this band from a Providence Radio Station, W.B.R.U. The station had them as their featured artist of the day, prior to the release of ‘Some Nights’. I was instantly blown away by their new age sound. The trio has shown that they have what it takes to make it in the competitive music industry. They have taken the first step, their debut single reach an astounding double platinum.

-M. Tozeski

Check out the music video for fun.’s hit ‘We are Young’ below:

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3 thoughts on “Artist Profile: fun.

  1. Creative Gal says:

    Great to see a band like this gain so much publicity, fantastic summary of their rise!

  2. littletipple says:

    Another album for the purchase list I feel, the detail in the biog is great!

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