Artist Spotlight: Young the Giant

I first heard of Young the Giant via a free download on the iTunes Store. The track up for download was “My Body.”  I liked it, but was not overly impressed, until I saw them open for Incubus last September.  They poured their hearts and souls into that performance, despite everyone sitting down at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  That performance led me to first purchasing the track, “Cough Syrup,” on iTunes, followed by my purchase of their entire 2011 self-titled debut which was released via Roadrunner Records.  It was a great investment.

Last night, Thursday, March 8th, the band played the Boston House of Blues to a Sold Out crowd!  That is really impressive and I am very excited they are receiving the exposure they deserve.  I tried to obtain tickets several months ago with no luck.  It sold out a while ago, which is a bummer, because I really wanted to see them again.  It would have been even better with them headlining.

I watched them play an unplugged performance on Palladia some weeks back and was extra blown away and even more bummed I could not see them on the 8th!  They have so much energy and a very unique sound.  Their music reaches many different audiences with its sheer uniqueness.  I mean, they covered a song by Gorillaz!  That shows creativity and an interesting perspective on different types of music.  Young the Giant plays soft-ish rock while Gorillaz make music that falls more into the genre of electronic & hip-hop.  Both groups are good in their own respects, but so very different.  It is pretty refreshing, though.

If you get a chance to see Young the Giant live, take it.  Also, if you are not familiar with their music, get familiar. These guys are good.

-T. Shaw

Check Out The Music Video for ‘Cough Syrup’  below:

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