Why Adele’s Huge Success Should be a Wake Up Call For The Record Industry

In an Industry which is suffering it is refreshing to see an artist do as well as Adele has. It is obvious when you turn on the radio that this English songstress is the most popular artist that we’ve seen in a long time. But what is the reason? My thoughts on Adele’s success are that, she’s an Artist. In these times many people claim to be artist but in all honesty they’re nothing but manufactured pop. Adele on the other hand honed her craft and perfected it. And thus when the listener gets her record, they feel the realness behind the music. This is why I believe the music industry should start taking notes. The major labels should cease to sign flavors of the month but go after artist.

These are not just thoughts but we can look at Adele’s stats. In the year since her album ‘21’ (Columbia) Adele’s managed to sell 7.3 million records (In the U.S. alone), three number one singles, and at last month’s Grammy awards she walked away with six Grammy awards. These are just unprecedented stats in an industry that is considered dead by many. But to me these stats show something, that with proper promotion, road work, and talent the record companies can be resurrected from the grave from which they dug themselves. I mean after the Grammy awards Adele’s album sold 700,000 copies. Most records can’t even do that in their first week of release.

Adele is a real crowned jewel in the industry, but I have two concerns. My first concern is that the radio stations are burning listeners out by putting her songs on constant rotation. My other concern is that, when Adele records her next album she’ll either release something influenced by record label heads. But there is no point in trying to predict how her next album will sound because as I said, she’s a true artist.

Check out her live performance of ‘Set Fire to The Rain’ below:

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3 thoughts on “Why Adele’s Huge Success Should be a Wake Up Call For The Record Industry

  1. Ninay says:

    True, that. She is really a real artist of today’s generation of manufactured pop artist wannabes. I am loving the authenticity in her soulful voice and music.The pop culture and music industry should let her uniqueness reign, and not corrupt her talent.They better not.

  2. mrsdentonorahippopotamus says:

    I agree. I’m really not that hip on current music. I mostly listen to oldies and jazz. Adele is one of those current artists that I really love to listen to. She has true talent.

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