August Burns Red, Silverstein, Texas in July, and I The Breather: At The House Of Blues Boston 2/29/12

The House of Blues in Boston is situated in one of my favorite parts of Boston. In the shadow of Fenway Park the HOB is a great place to see a show. On Wednesday Febuary 29th three friends and I braved the elements of snow and rain to see the almighty August Burns Red, Silverstein, Texas in July, and I The Breather.

I the Breather: I the Breather was up first. By the time my friends and I got through security they were almost done with their set. From what I heard they sounded really good. I’d listened to them before and hope to see them play a full set sometime.

Texas In July:  Texas In July a five piece from Ephrata, Pennsylvania impressed me with their set. Let me start by saying that each member of this band has their own unique stage presence. Let’s start with drummer Adam Gray; while the band was doing their line check Gray was having fun with the audience (who was clapping along) while he was sound checking. Gray put on a drum clinic when the band played his set. He also made an appearance later in the show playing with abr. Next You have guitarist Christian Royer who’s stage presence was beyond belief, a true perform. Royer reminds me of Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman the way he moves about. Bassist Ben Witkowski moves around so much that it’s hard to find him on stage. Whether it was moving in a circular motion or jumping around the stage, bass in hand you knew this dude was having fun. Front-man Alex Good put on a great show as did Christian Royer but those two stayed mostly on the other side of the stage so I didn’t get to see their performance as well. The Band played a great set including ‘Hook, Line, and Sinner’ and ‘Elements’. This band is going to be huge.

Silverstein: This band came on and I just wanted to disappear. In my opinion they didn’t fit the bill at all but thank god for August Burns Red who came on next.

August Burns Red: Next up was August Burns Red Lead by Vocalist/Theologian Jake Luhrs. In my honest opinion ABR is one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Starting off with the track ’Empire’ ABR Launched into a killer set. The third song of the night ‘Internal Cannon’  was one of my favorite songs off ABR’s 2011 album ‘Leveler’ (Solid State) and these guys can pull this song off live without a hitch (Including the Salsa-esque breakdown).  The band continued to pull off their songs note for note as the night went on.  When the band played ‘Meridian’ it was apparent how great musicians/composers these guys are. The band went on to play the track ‘Leveler’ which was followed by a masterful drum solo by Matt Greiner featuring Texas in July’s Adam Gray. After the Drum solo the band came back to play an encore which consisted of two songs, including one of my favorite songs ‘Composure’.

This show set the bar for shows in the future. Guitar players JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler exemplify how two guitar players should work together. Their skill at mixing and matching really comes through the mix along with the low end rumble added by bassist Dustin Davidson.

Overall this was a great show, and I can’t wait to see August Burns Red, Texas in July, and I The Breather again.

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Photos Courtesy of Alerion Photography and JB Brubaker’s Official Twitter Account

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