Just Love Here: Sammy Adams

‘Boston’s Boy’ the title of Sammy Adams’ 2010 EP is a great way of describing this Wayland native. After making music on his laptop in 2008, Sammy Adams decided to take it up a level in 2010 by releasing a parody version of the Asher Roth song ‘I Love College’ entitled ‘I Hate College’ . Due to the remixes sudden popularity Adam’s EP made it to #73 on the Billboard 200, an unprecedented feat for a debut record. Adam’s EP consisted of eight tracks including the single ‘Driving Me Crazy’ and ‘Coast to Coast’. The EP also featured ‘Just Love Here’ an autobiographical track mixed which features a nice beat and a hooky keyboard sample.

In late 2011 Adams released a new pre-Album mixtape entitled Into The Wild’ (1st Round). The mixtape features 10 tracks including the highlights ‘Midnight Run’, ‘Big Lights’, and the final track ‘Bullets’. This final track is by far my favorite, it mix styles well, and overall is the most put together compositionally. However the track sounds like Mac Miller at points. The most surprising part of the track is the songs hook, which sounds a great deal like the chorus in Tinie Tempah’s track ‘Written in the Stars’.

Sammy Adams is a great artist who has a great future in front of him. I love his original sound on his EP, but hope that he really does something unique on his album that sets him apart from his peers, mainly Mac Miller.

Check out the Sammy Adams’ ‘Into The Wild’ Mix Tape Video and the track ‘Bullets’ below:




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One thought on “Just Love Here: Sammy Adams

  1. macky-paige says:

    You should also check out his video for Only One! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvj2aQlQusU&feature=youtu.be

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