Everybody Wants Some: Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’

Katy Perry. What can said about her? Besides the fact that almost everyone loves her. Following the release of 2010’s Teenage Dream’(Capitol), we haven’t heard much from one of the new queens of pop. Until now, when we found out that Katy Perry is releasing a deluxe edition of her album ‘Teenage Dream’ entitled ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’(Capitol).

 The lead single of the new edition is entitled ‘Part of Me’ which is a catchy song that runs around the three and a half minute mark. The song written by Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Bonnie Mckee, Martin Sandberg, and Henry Walter is easily its self on par with regular album tracks ‘Fire Work’ and ‘The One That Got Away’, and this is why I quite enjoy it. To me it seems most of the time when artists put out an expanded edition; it’s a grouping of unorganized B-sides and incomplete ideas. This song however is not like that, and got proper treatment in production and with overall organization with Dr. Luke and Max Martin’s carefully crafted sound pulsating through the speakers.

Part of Me’ is a great track that I hope hit’s the radio and takes the spot of heavily overplayed and overrated tracks.

Check Out the Track Below:

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